Youngster Secures £2.5m Car Accident Compensation Claim

by Personal Injury Claims Blawg on April 5, 2012

Below is a guest personal injury law blog post on a recent £2.5 car accident compensation claim.

A youngster has won his car accident compensation claim for a car accident which happened back in 1988. Sam Boreham and his twin brother were riding as passengers from their house in Middlesex to watch Manchester United play a football game. During the course of their journey, the car in which they were travelling collided with a stationary vehicle on the M1 Motorway, as reported by local newspaper, the Leicester Mercury.

Sam, who was eight years of age when the incident occurred, sustained a serious brain injury in the incident, leaving him permanently brain damaged. After the car accident took place, his mother launched a car accident compensation claim against the person driving the car. Following a recent development in the claim, an acceptable agreement was reached with regards to the amount of compensation the family would receive. The case was settled between insurance companies and a lump sum of £1.1m would be received up front. Index-linked payments of £23,000 would be paid annually to further help with the Youngster’s care for the rest of his life.

The car accident compensation claim was dealt with in London’s High Court and the total amount of compensation reached £2.5 million pounds. The unusual aspect of this case was that High Court was able use the youngster’s twin as a benchmark in order to gauge the severity of brain damage which he sustained. The delay in closure of the case happened due to Sam and his twin brother having to reach adulthood to further assess the extent of the damage. Most claims of this nature are settled over shorter frames of time. The family had stated that they found a sense of justice with the claim finally being completed, and were glad that they could now provide their son with a more comfortable life as a result of the settlement.

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