Why Technology Works in the Courtroom

by MaggieONeil on September 11, 2013

Courtrooms are now more technology-driven than ever before. While crimes and cases remain the same, courtrooms are now equipped with computer screens, audio, visual, and digital tools. According to ChicagoLawyerMagazine, 90% of jurors are better equipped to understand evidence when presentation software is used.

Consider the following reasons why technology is a critical part of trial presentation:

  • We rely on technology. Today, almost everyone receives their information in digital format, and that includes the jury. Technology sometimes makes possible what could not be accomplished in its absence. Much evidence now begins as computer data. Search and seizure of computers is no longer news; it’s customary and often essential to a case. With so many new developments, the nature of trial evidence is being pushed in the direction of electronic presentations. Lawyers prefer cases with software presentation because it enhances their persuasive abilities.
  • Technology is faster. Technology can substantially speed up the length of a case. Jurors, no matter their age, see technology as an effective use of their time. Judges prefer it because it is a more efficient delivery than traditional approaches. It helps control proceedings, set time limits, and decide matters.
  • Juror attention is refocused on the evidence. High tech trials are predominantly visual. Juries who are now more tech savvy than ever before are also prone to believe what they see. In high technology trials, the visual display of information is emphasized, which is often the evidence. Jurors direct their attention to the evidence itself, and attorneys find that they have to respond to jurors’ misconceptions less and less. The psychological effects from visual evidence are often substantial.

As our population becomes more and more computer literate, the nature of trials is shifting toward technology. For more information on the best technology tools to utilize in the courtroom, contact Trial Technologies today at 215-963-9798.

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