Why Seek Just Compensation after a Motorcycle Accident?

by DanDolan on November 13, 2012

It’s always the outcry of every accident victim to be compensated for the injuries that they have incurred, and this is quite serious for some whose financial recovery is dependent on which. That’s something which the issue of delayed settlement may arise from and the agony of the victim may likewise be prolonged if the counsel is incompetent to speed up the favorable judgment.

And although no one really desires to be put in a situation like that, it is still somewhat inevitable as the claim for indemnity really involves complex matters which cannot be compromised with a short period of time. But at any rate, that doesn’t matter for those who are used to it; the issue is when the victims don’t find any reason to fight for the just compensation that their injuries deserve after the accident. Hence, to resolve any vague presumptions or baseless misconceptions about your claim for compensation, here are the beneficial outcomes of acquiring your fair indemnity:

  • Recover Your Financial Expenses – your compensation covers the expenses you have spent from the time of your hospitalization until you have already recovered; thus, if the court grants your prayer, then that’s already equivalent to the amount you have paid for medication, etc. including, of course, your mental and emotional suffering.

  • Have a Budget for Your Rehabilitation – rehabilitation expenses are something which may be of great burden especially if the victim is left with almost nothing to spend for his future as a result of the accident. The reason why the compensation at this stage is a grave necessity so as the victim will have fund to use until everything becomes normal anew.

  • Serve as an Ideal Example for Others – if you are able to victor your claim for compensation, then your success would definitely serve as one example for others who have the same case as yours. It’s one reason why you should not cease in fighting for your claim until the victorious judgment is uttered by the juries.

Apparently, these are already the resultant of your case, but the process in deriving at such favorable situation is not just simply acquired. You still have to overcome the challenge of proving the other party’s liability. How you should do that? Here are the two simple ways to ensure that you’re at a good advantage:

  • Hire a Competent Attorney and File Your Claim Immediately – your lawyer can ensure that everything necessary for the good outcome of your case are handled properly. He may gather physical and documentary evidences and instruct you on what to do for the proper disposition or settlement of your claim. And why immediately? It is simply because there’s a deadline as to the application of the claim in court, and your failure to follow it will be a bar for future claims in the same case.

  • Support Your Claim with Evidences and Testimonies from the Scene – victory in personal injury cases is acquired through a competent lawyer with factual and/or relevant evidences that can support your legal claims. You should bear in mind that in civil case, it’s the preponderance of evidence which is the primary basis of the court’s judgment, so never waste the chance of winning your claim by gathering and presenting good evidences in court.

You really have all the personal and legal reasons why you should seek for just compensation after your motorcycle accident; all you have to do is to make those reasons as your inspiration in overcoming your fear for the undesirable consequences and winning your claim beyond what the offender can expect.

Author’s Bio:

Atty. Daniel Dolan II, a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer and a Miami Wrongful Death Attorney has a reputation of helping the victims of personal injury and medical malpractice pursue compensation for their injuries. He has litigated cases on behalf of the families who have lost their loved ones in fatal accidents. He is also the founder of the “Dolan Law Firm” in Miami, Florida. Atty Dolan is AV Peer Review Rated by prestigious Martindale-Hubbell.




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