Why Motorcycle Crashes are on the rise in Georgia

by Ladyblogger on July 29, 2012

If you regularly tune into the radio for the traffic report or read the accident reports in your local newspaper, you no doubt know that motorcycle crashes are on the rise in Georgia. Not only are these crashes becoming more common, but all too often they are lethal, with riders being severely injured or killed on a near daily basis. So why are these accidents happening more often? And what can be done to stop them?

1. More Bikes on the Road

In recent years, the number of motorcycles on Georgia’s roads has skyrocketed. With fuel costs rising and high-speed sports cars out of the budget of most Georgians, those who want to go fast and have a thrilling ride have turned to motorcycles, which in addition to being cheaper are also more dangerous. This is especially true at high speeds, and modern motorcycles can easily go 125 mph or faster without the use of expensive upgrades or illegal modifications. Additionally, many inner-city commuters are turning to mopeds and other small commuter bikes

2. Inadequate Training

The Georgia licensing program for motorcycles is exceedingly basic and covers only the basics of road knowledge and riding capability. As such, the vast majority of riders do not know the unique dangers inherent in riding a motorcycle, from the need for increased vigilance to the fact that they are very light in terms of grip and handling. Any Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you that most persons who are very badly injured or killed while riding were either exceeding their own skills or going too fast for the bike’s design. Combine this with the fact that modern bikes are faster and more powerful than ever before and accidents are almost inevitable.3. Not Wearing Proper Safety Gear

Even though it is against the law in Georgia to ride a motorcycle without proper safety gear, all too often cyclists fail to do so. This almost ensures that a driver will be badly injured or killed in the event of an accident since motorcycles offer the rider absolutely no protection whatsoever in the event of an accident. The vast majority of persons killed while riding a motorcycle are killed when their head hits the pavement, shattering it instantly. Additionally, many persons suffer severe scrapes, burns and permanent skin loss if they are not wearing skid-proof clothing. This includes traditional clothing such as denim jeans and leather jackets in addition to purpose-made motorcycle gear.

4. Increased Car Traffic

Any Atlanta accident lawyer will tell you that most motorcycle accidents do not involve lone motorcycles, instead they involve a motorcycle being struck by a car. This is because cars, being large, heavy and on the same road as motorcycles are very likely to not be able to see a motorcycle before colliding with it. Additionally, even minor accidents between cars and motorcycles generally result in horrible damage to both the motorcycle and its rider. With more cars and bikes on the road every day, it’s no wonder the accident rate is going up.

If you are a motorcycle rider, be sure to wear the proper safety equipment, especially your helmet. Get the advanced training and understanding of your bike necessary to ride safely. Most of all, ensure that you keep an eye on the cars around you, because they will have trouble seeing you.

Molly Henshaw is a law student and freelance writer living in the DC metro area. She is also a contributing author for the personal injury experts at Buddoo & Associates. Contact an attorney as soon as possible if you have been injured in an accident so that your rights are protected!

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