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UK motorists feeling the backlash of whiplash compensation claims

March 21, 2013

Guest post regarding whiplash compensation claims in the UK. As part of an inquiry into how to drive down the cost of car insurance, MPs are set to launch a new investigation into how to reduce the number of whiplash compensation claims. It has been reported that whiplash costs add around £90 to every motor […]

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Could We See an End to Bogus Whiplash Claims?

March 21, 2013

The Ministry of Justice have started a consultation on reforms with the aim to reduce the epidemic of claims we are witnessing here in Britain. According to statistics there are now 2.7 claims for whiplash for every accident that involves someone in the vehicle being injured. The Numbers: If a change comes out of this […]

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What you should do if the Other Driver has no Insurance

December 25, 2012

Car accidents are serious events. In many cases, vehicle accidents can cause damage to personal or government property, injury, or even possible death. In most cases, insurance providers are able and willing to cover the costs associated with an automobile accident; however, options may be limited when the other driver does not have insurance for […]

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How to File a Claim for Whiplash Injuries

October 4, 2012

Accident insurance is available in different flavours – traffic accidents, cycling accidents, holiday accidents and so on. These schemes usually cover all of the medical expenses that are incurred while undergoing treatment for the injuries suffered by a victim during the accident. However, there are certain internal injuries that often go unnoticed or are ignored […]

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Accidents and Uninsured Drivers in the UK

September 11, 2012
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Drivers in the UK are required, by law, to be covered by Car Insurance, yet it is believed that up to 6% of all drivers, actually on the roads in the UK, don’t have insurance. First off this is pretty ridiculous, and it’s surprising how these individuals feel like they can get away with it. […]

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SRA Concerned over Continued Whiplash Injury Compenation Claims

August 16, 2012

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has recently spoke out to a major national news publication in regards to the referral fee bans being implemented to reduce the number of whiplash injury compensation claims and other types of personal injury cases. The decision on the fees ban was due to the excessive volume of whiplash injury […]

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Has An Insurance Company Offered To Settle Your Whiplash Claim?

July 25, 2012

If you have suffered whiplash in an accident, the insurance company of the driver at fault may contact you offering a quick settlement of your claim. We can understand why this may be tempting to accept: you have just been involved in a traumatic accident, you are coming to terms with your injuries and you […]

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