Where Can You Turn for Help After a Pedestrian Accident?

by bisnarchase on August 8, 2012

Have you been in a car accident and do not know where to turn for help? Consider this. Lets say you lived in California and were in a car accident in Mission Viejo. If you were to find a local car accident attorney in Mission Viejo, he or she could assist you in figuring out how to get the best possible settlement for your claim and can answer all your questions about liability and other issues surrounding your car accident case. Best of all, a number of personal injury law firms will offer free consultations to injured accident victims.

Many car accident victims are frightened and confused about how to settle a car accident case. Often, they are told that they are getting a “good offer” from an insurance company when the amount offered actually represents less than the minimum amount to which they are entitled. Unfortunately, many car accident victims, not realizing that they are being taken advantage of, are lured into an early and disastrous settlement of their claims and do not even know that they have given up rights and compensation that should be theirs.

A auto accident lawyer can prevent this by giving a car accident victim the facts about his or her case. For example, many car accident victims come to a lawyer believing that the accident was their “fault.” They may believe this because they have been told so by an insurance company representative or a lawyer for the at-fault party. However, when the professional car accident attorney examines the case, he or she realizes that the accident was not the victim’s fault and that the victim is entitled to far more in compensation than the insurance company or defense lawyer allowed.

This is not to say that every car accident case is worth millions of dollars. It is just as damaging to believe that hiring a car accident lawyer to handle your case will result in an overnight fortune as it is to believe you are entitled to nothing. Most car accident cases settle for a fair and reasonable amount depending . Few cases are worth startling amounts of money. However, most cases are worth far more than the car accident victim believes, so it is well worth your time and effort to consult an attorney about your claim.

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