When Fido is in the Car Crash, Too

by dynamicyp on September 21, 2012

Dog Friendly™ Honda Element with kennel Dog Friendly™ Honda Element with kennel (Photo credit: Honda News)

Almost every dog loves to go for a ride in the car. Some are all about pushing their snout into the wind, ears flapping, with their tongue hanging out of their heads. Others are content to leisurely lounge on the seat, simply happy to along for the ride.

Your canine companion probably will never see an accident coming. Hopefully, they are safely inside of the cab when the impact hits. If it’s a bad car crash and your dog isn’t secured in the back, they could be badly injured.

Typically, if a car crash is bad enough for the airbags to deploy and Fido isn’t secured, the dog will be thrown from the car. In many cases, the shock of the crash scares them enough to cause them to run away from the scene. This could be very dangerous if they are badly injured.

As long as someone finds the pup and they are properly tagged, it won’t be too long before the dog is in the care of a shelter or vet to be treated for their injuries. You probably don’t have insurance for your pet, although there are some policies available. However, vet bills and other costs associated with your pets injuries are subject to compensation should you choose to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Depending on the local laws, there may already be some regulations in place in regards to injuries or loss of a pet. For example, you may love your dog dearly and ask for a certain amount on top of vet bills for pain and suffering. Unfortunately, canine pain and suffering is a little harder to successfully claim in court. Other factors like training, dog supplies or if the dog was a service animal will stand up better in terms of settlement.

Ultimately, the best thing to do for your dog in the car is to make sure they are traveling safely to avoid serious injuries. Doggie seatbelts are crash tested and are fairly affordable. Certain dog beds can be secured to traditional seatbelt buckles as well.

It’s impossible to put a numeric value on your pet’s life. If the worst does happen and the dog is in the car with you when an accident occurs, then don’t leave them out when you speak with an accident attorney about your case.

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