What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Wrongful Deaths

by elizabeths on March 7, 2013

Wrongful death occur all too frequently in a variety of ways. Sadly, many of these deaths are preventable and are often caused by the negligence or the reckless behavior of trusted professionals, manufacturers, or individuals. Here are the ways in which wrongful deaths occur:

Medical Malpractice: Over 90% of malpractice suits in the United States are caused by negligent health care or reckless staff members. This includes administering improper amounts of medication and/or incorrect medication to patients; patient abuse; starvation and dehydration.

Automobile Accidents: US highways and surface streets are a huge threat to public safety as many motorists do not maintain their vehicles and ignore traffic safety signs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report over 40,000 deaths a year due to faulty brake systems, worn or improperly installed tires, reckless driving.

Product Liability: Is defined as a faulty and/or defective, tangible personal product. Poorly designed products, products made of harmful materials, functionality defects can cause serious injury and in some cases death. Manufacturers who fail to notify consumers of their harmful and defective products are liable for the damages caused. Items that are likely to cause injury and death are lighters, matches, computers, breast implants, blankets, cribs, and mattresses.

Workplace Accidents: The most common locations for workplace injuries that result in death are construction sites, manufacturing plants and mining locations. Fatal incidents or wrongful deaths usually occur in the event of a plant explosion, defective equipement, slip and fall accidents, and severe burns.

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