What to Do to Prevent Dog Attacks

by Andrew Mounier on January 18, 2013

dog trainingA dog may be man’s best friend, but there are always too many cases of dog attacks. Dog attacks can result in serious injuries, and sometimes, they may even be deadly. That’s why the best way to deal with them is to prevent them from even happening. Here is what to do to prevent dog attacks.

Adult Supervision Around Kids and Dogs Is Key

Kids do the darnedest things, which can include meeting dogs off-leash that happen to be roaming the neighborhood. Children are, of course, more susceptible to dog attacks because of their small size, which is why parental supervision is a good deterrent against attacks. A dog simply roaming the neighborhood likely got loose from its owner’s backyard, which can also be dangerous for the dog.

Talk to the Dog Owner Prior to Greeting a Dog

If kids, and even adults, want to pet a dog, the owner of the animal must always be asked first. Various dogs have different temperaments, and as such, some dogs can be afraid of strangers and even of children. On the other hand, some dogs, being unfamiliar with kids, might be highly excited around them, which can lead to attacks.

The Dog Should Be Approached from Below the Neck

Preventing an attack has so much to do with the angle of approach when you’re petting a dog or attempting to. For almost everyone, it is a natural movement to attempt to pet a dog by approaching it from above; they want to pet the dog on the top of its head. Unfortunately, some dogs may interpret this as a threat! If the dog feels cornered, it is going to do one of two things: respond with aggression, or run away. If it responds with aggression, you’ve got a dog attack on your hands.

Folding Arms and Turning Away

If a dog should jump on you, you can do a lot to prevent an attack. First, you should simply stand up. Then, you must fold your arms to prevent the animal from having access to your hands. Finally, you should turn away from the dog so that you can withdraw your attention from the situation. Note that you must absolutely not move away or back away from the dog, as this will actually encourage it to jump forward.

A dog attack can be a highly traumatic situation. It will end up badly for both you and the animal, as the animal will likely be put to sleep as a result. In order to prevent this horrible situation, you should keep the above tips in mind the next time that you are around any dog. A dog may be man’s best friend, but unless complete trust with the dog has been established, proceed with absolute caution.

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