What to Bring When First Meeting With a Personal Injury Lawyer

by Personal Injury Claims Blawg on August 3, 2012

There have been many times where a case went sour for the victim of an accident because they lacked that pesky little detail which would have sealed the deal for them. So if you want to avoid getting cooked by an absent material, here’s the answer for what you should bring when first meeting with a personal injury lawyer.

Accident Reports

Accident reports have an uncanny ability to list helpful details on what exactly the authorities think happened and who they thought was at fault for the accident. That can go a long way to elevating your chances of getting on top. It may also contain other intricate details that will give your personal injury lawyers additional firepower.

Witness Identities

Witnesses are important in any case because much of the truth can be gleaned through the words of an impartial entity. So if there were any witnesses who saw exactly what happened, you should provide their contact information to your lawyers.

All Medical Records Connected To The Accident

Medical records that are related to the accident are very important because they speak to the extent of the damage done to you. It also helps by casting your role as the victim to greater prominence. However, if the medical records say that you were hammered at the time of the accident, it could also help your lawyers decide if you have a case or not.

Documents Of Property Damage

Documents that show the extent of the damage done to your car would also help your case as proof of your claim. Damage records of your property, along with photographs of the damage to both you and the other party’s vehicles can prove once and for all that you are telling the truth.

For example, if you claimed that the other party rear ended you, a picture that depicts that claim will leave no room for doubt.

Insurance Company Forms And Letters

Any letter or forms that insurance companies send will usually contain deadlines and it is ever the problem of victims when they don’t meet them. You can solve this dilemma by presenting such documents to your lawyers so that they can make sure you do not go past the due date.

So there you have it, what you need to bring when first meeting your personal injury lawyer. Don’t forget a single one or reading through this whole thing would have been pointless.

Fournaris and Sanet want to give advice over the internet, so anyone needing to speak with a personal injury lawyer will know what they need to provide for their case.

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