What are Your Options If You are Injured in a Hit and Run?

by Andrew Mounier on December 6, 2012

According to Crime Prevention Tips, hit and run car accidents are those in which one driver fails to stop or offer assistance following a mishap that causes injury or damage. While most drivers do all that they can to render help when it comes to a situation such as this, others flee the scene of the crime. Individuals or their family members who have been injured in a hit and run should investigate all possible options following the event to ensure that justice has been obtained. Though there are a number of different choices available for individuals in this situation, some of the most common include settling on a private basis, file for injury and damages through the perpetrator’s insurance, or filing through personal insurance.

In many cases, an individual who has been injured in a hit and run will have a difficult time tracking down the perpetrator of the crime. It is important to note however, that this process is not impossible—and can often be accomplished through assistance from bystanders, witnesses, and legal experts. If an individual who has been injured in a hit and run is able to establish communication with the other driver involved in the accident, a private settlement may be made. This may include payment for medical bills, as well as damage done to a car or personal property.

Just because the perpetrator of the hit and run is located, doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is willing to participate in a private settlement. Oftentimes, hit and run victims may believe that this is not the best option for them when working to achieve justice. Instead, individuals who have tracked down the person behind the hit and run may prefer to file a claim with said person’s vehicle insurance. Though getting a claim payment in this manner may be time consuming, it will also likely result in a larger and more attractive settlement total, which will include payment for medical and property bills.

As indicated previously, settling privately or filing a claim with another driver’s car insurance is not always a possibility, as tracking the criminal down may prove to be impossible. In this event, injured parties may choose to file a charge with their own vehicle insurance—which typically falls under the heading of “uninsured motorist claims.” While this is typically done only as a last resort, it is an effective way to cover the hospital and vehicle repair bills associated with a hit and run accident. Individuals who file this type of claim should be prepared to participate in a series of investigative interviews, during which all leads as to the identity of the criminal are eliminated.

Obviously, a hit and run is a serious accident that can significantly affect the lives of its victims. While many hit and runs lead to significant property damage, some also cause serious injuries and health problems. Understanding what to do when this type of accident occurs is essential for motorists and pedestrians alike. Working with a qualified legal expert can be an effective way to ensure optimal results following a hit and run that has resulted in injury or illness.

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