Ways to Protect Yourself After a Subway Accident

by Ladyblogger on February 7, 2013

(U.S. Personal Injury Law and generally) The subway systems of many U.S. cities are a convenient and cost-efficient method of transportation. They are also routinely crowded and extensive, such as the Manhattan Transit Authority. It is important to always be aware of the specific locations within a subway system because NYC subway accidents can happen quickly and establishing negligence can be problematic. Taking similar trains on a regular basis can be helpful in many transportation situations, though this is not always the case. Using caution while accessing and using the subway system is an effective personal policy in most cases, but the subway can still be a scary place in the wrong situation.

Actions in The Event of An Accident

The first thing an injured person should do in a subway accident is seek immediate medical attention. Even if the injuries are minor, delaying treatment can impact a claim easily. Waiting to receive medical treatment can be a mitigating circumstance in establishment of negligence. It is important to always notify transit authorities as soon as possible, even if the contact must be done by a representing party. Some individuals, such as a spouse, can act as the duly-appointed representative for an injured party, but this representation can also include a personal injury attorney.

Confer with An Attorney Quickly

All municipal subway transit authorities have a designed time period for filing a personal injury claim. An experienced personal injury attorney can investigate an injury claim as the result of an accident and recommend a plan of legal action. Personal injury attorneys normally will not waste time on difficult cases. If the attorney offers their professional representation, then the chances of a reasonable claim settlement are usually sound.

Do Not File without An Attorney If The Injury is Serious

This is no process for the claimant to pursue on their own accord. Minor accidents or injuries that are obvious cases of neglect may be a reasonably simple process, but for cases involving punitive damages an experienced attorney is necessary. Establishing negligence is necessary, so it is often a good idea to go back to the scene of the accident or injury to review what actually happened. The transit authority version of events may not be the same as the lawyer’s version in the claim. Serious injuries are often highly contested, or delayed in settlement. All initial case evaluations are free, so the cost of beginning a claim can be minimal.

Expert Testimony

Very often it is necessary for personal injury attorneys to employ professional experts to verify the particulars in a personal injury claim. Medical professionals fall directly in this group who can testify to the extent of damage and recovery periods, including ability to work. Recovery of lost wages is standard compensatory claim, especially in clear cases of neglect. Other attorneys can also act as experts in negligence rulings, as each case is usually unique in material facts. Most personal injury attorneys have various experts within the firm’s operational network.

Personal injury claims in most cities are covered by a 90-day statute of limitations, so it is important to avoid delays in filing any claim. Hiring an attorney quickly can result in a valid and timely claim, as solid professional representation can ensure that the case is covered and the injured claimant can concentrate on physical recovery when possible.

Author Anthony Joseph is a freelance writer likes to discuss current events, and contributes this article to promote transportation safety. The Perecman law firm is New York based, and represents victims of NYC subway accidents. Thousands of people in New York ride the subway to work and school, and when they step on the train they don’t expect to be hurt. As careful as we sometimes are, these accidents do occur and need to dealt with very carefully.

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