Warning: RI has 8 of the 10 Most Dangerous Interchanges in New England

by Kevin Landry on April 11, 2013

It is a fact that New England has some of the most dangerous roads in New England. Rhode Island in particular has never been known for its easily navigable roads – yet the GoLocal Pro News Team has uncovered some chilling new facts.  In a recent compilation of the most dangerous New England interchanges, Rhode Island has “crashed in” on eight of the top ten spots.

Personally, I find it startling to note that 8 of the 10 most dangerous interchanges in New England, are located in the state of Rhode Island. All drivers must take extreme precautions now, to help avoid accidents and injuries that are becoming more frequent on these particular stretches of roadway.

If you’ve never driven in New England before, then you will be in for a treat once you finally do.  Love it or hate it, people often rush around-especially during their morning and evening commutes.  The high number of cars on Rhode Island roads, mixed with some aggressive driving is a recipe for an accident.

Out of the 10 most dangerous interchanges in New England, the following 8 are located in Rhode Island:

8 – I-295/exit 3 Cranston                               95 crashes, 59 injuries and 1 fatality in 3 years

7 – I-95/exit 24 Providence                          134 crashes, 52 injuries and 1 fatality in 3 years

6 – I-295/exit 6 Johnston                              144 crashes, 65 injuries and 1 fatality in 3 years

5 – I-95/exit 18 Providence                          232 crashes, 86 injuries and 1 fatality in 3 years

4 – I-95/exits 14&15 Providence                                254 crashes, 87 injuries and 1 fatality in 3 years

3 – I-95/exit 23 Providence                         98 crashes, 50 injuries and 2 fatalities in 3 years

2 – I-95/exit 22 Providence                          347 crashes, 54 injuries and 2 fatalities in 3 years

1 – I-95/exit 20 Providence                          217 crashes, 90 injuries and 2 fatalities in 3 years

If you are driving on any of these interchanges and intersections in Rhode Island, don’t drive distracted. Texting while driving leads to unfortunate and devastating automobile accidents.  By not texting, and planning your exits well in advance, you can diminish last second maneuvers, which often lead to accidents.

In recent years, Rhode Island has placed emphasis on preventing texting while driving.  Few will argue that mobile device usage increases the likelihood of a crash while driving these already dangerous stretches of highway.  As a result, the safety of both drivers and occupants are put at even greater risk.

What most people don’t realize is that even seemingly small fender benders can turn into significant injuries.  With regards to driving in Rhode Island, I think former native Ben Franklin was onto something when he said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Stay safe and take care,

Kevin P. Landry

Kevin Landry
Kevin is a personal injury attorney with 18 offices throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. His focus is on maintaining empathy while striving to get the best possible results for his clients.
Kevin Landry
Kevin Landry

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