US Health Law May Curb Rising Maternal Deaths

by PhilBalbo on August 14, 2012

This article was written by Andy Sampson of Price Benowitz LLP.

The US Health Law has been a subject of debate for a while. Since the law has passed, it is important to examine the parts of the law that will impact our society in a positive manner. More people will have access to healthcare and this affects society in a positive way. One segment of the population that will benefit for the Health Law is pregnant women.

When a woman dies in childbirth, many families consult an injury attorney because they feel that the death could have been prevented. One aspect of US Health Law that will be very beneficial to our society is the fact that there will be more access to healthcare for pregnant women. Providing more access to healthcare helps decrease several risk factors that arise due to the lack of prenatal healthcare. One risk factor that arises when a woman doesn’t receive prenatal care is maternal death due to pregnancy complication.


Maternal deaths can negatively affect a family in many different ways. Without the mother present, someone else has the responsibility of taking care of her children. In addition, it may be a hardship for a father to take care of children depending on his schedule. This still can put stress on extended family members.

Extended family members may be unwilling to take a child when there is the issue of who will provide financial assistance for the child for the next eighteen years. Some family members may be reluctant to commit to caring for a child for such a long time without any type of compensation. When there is no one available to provide financial assistance for raising the child, then a new problem arises.

When there isn’t anyone to care for a child whose mother died in childbirth, it adds to the number of children in foster care. The foster care system is already overwhelmed without adding newborns to the list of children in need of families. When there is no family available to care for the children of a woman who died in childbirth, then those children end up in foster care. Their foster care costs our system and can soak up valuable tax dollars.


The effect of improved healthcare for pregnant women is profound. When a mother is able to get healthcare, she can make sure that she has a healthy pregnancy. Examinations can also catch some potentially fatal diseases such as gestational diabetes and enable a woman to get treatment that may save her life.

There is a trickle-down effect that occurs when a mother dies in childbirth. It not only affects the mother and her child, there are far reaching implications for society as a whole. The Healthcare law will help protect the mothers who want to get more healthcare, but were not able to before.

When there is a maternal death because the mother lacked prenatal care it affects our entire society. Providing more access to healthcare for pregnant women will be a benefit for all. Healthier babies and a healthier mother is one goal that may be accomplished by the new healthcare law.

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