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by My Compensation on September 6, 2012

Jim Loxley is a Director for car accident compensation specialists, My Compensation

Specialising in this area, My Compensation knows that considering claiming car accident compensation is a common thing to do if you’ve sustained personal injuries as a result of someone else’s negligent driving. In the vast majority of compensation claims for car accidents, the third party’s insurance company compensates you monetarily in the event of a successful claim. However, what happens if you were in a car accident due to negligent driving, but the offender does not have any car insurance? In the United Kingdom, the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) is the organisation which is set up in order to help people secure car accident compensation when they’ve been in this situation.

My Compensation rarely sees these types of cases, but they do happen. The MIB regularly pays out compensation money for car accidents to people who need it and who have been involved in these unfortunate circumstances. Thankfully though, such situations may be a thing of the past, or at least diminished. The MIB has recently issued a press release stating that it is on a mission to seize UK vehicles with uninsured and has released postcodes of the worst offending areas of uninsured vehicles present on the roads. Just last month, police officers have seized the millionth uninsured vehicle, meaning attempting to claim car accident compensation from uninsured drivers will soon be an even less common occurrence.

It transpired that uninsured drivers are a real problem, specifically around West Yorkshire and the West Midlands. Road traffic accidents are not necessarily intertwined with these results. The millionth vehicle which was seized was in the B9 area of Birmingham of Bordesley which has dominated the ranks of uninsured drivers, totalling eight times the number of cars uninsured compared to the national average.
an image showing road user on a UK's summer day, driving his carAdditional research carried out illustrated that people in these areas did not understand the current car legislation surrounding motor insurance, a fact which means meant they were risking £5,000 in fines, having their cars seized by the police and also gaining points on their licenses. The press release by the MIB stated that at an estimated 1.2 million drivers in the West Midlands represented approximately 60% of the postcodes in the top 20 worst offenders in this country.

The Chief from Birmingham’s Road Safety Partnership, Chris Edwards, stated that “In the West Midlands we continue to adopt a multi-agency approach in partnership with the MIB to reduce the number of uninsured vehicles on our roads. West Midlands Police relentlessly enforces the law in respect of uninsured driving, which has led to a seizure of 5,881 vehicles between January and July 2012. In simple terms we seize on average 27 vehicles every day of the week or the equivalent of 1 an hour.”

Car accident compensation cases involving lack of insurance are some of the most difficult claims to take on. This MIB announcement can only be a good thing for the UK and its roads, making a better environment for everyone, a fact which My Compensation definitely welcomes.

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Jim is a Director for My Compensation. My Compensation is a personal injury and car accident claim specialist based in London and operating all over the UK.

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