How to Get Your Personal Injury (or Other Type of) Legal Career Started ― Tips on Getting Hired

April 8, 2019

If your mind is set on becoming a personal injury attorney, you’ll want to start building the brand of your practice as soon as you can. One way of going about this process is getting as much experience as you can under your belt. Whether it is in personal injury, litigation, corporate or real estate, […]

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Personal injury law firm management techniques that improve client intake.

February 12, 2017

Contribution regarding personal injury law firm management techniques:- The number of PI law firms in the United States is increasing at a remarkable rate. Every day a new firm is opened by some veteran PI lawyer or an ex-employ of previous firms.  This saturation, particularly in PI is making things more challenging for firms. The […]

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Obtaining Car Insurance After a Drink Driving Conviction

June 22, 2016

It can be hard to get car insurance if you have a criminal conviction, even if the conviction isn’t driving related. You may find some insurers will charge higher than average premiums and some won’t offer you cover at all, especially if you have a drink driving conviction. Even minor offences can affect your insurance […]

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Corporate Health Insurance Programs and Personal Injury Claims

February 19, 2015

No matter whether you’re an employee, operate your own small company, or employ hundreds of people as part of a large corporation, the complex and confusing issues surrounding the wide variety or corporate and private health insurance programs available affect all of us. [1] It is estimated that at the end of 2013 a scary 41 million […]

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The Personal Injury Industry and Jackson Reforms face half-year health check

November 18, 2013

SIX months on from the introduction of the Jackson Reforms, lawyers are still getting to grips with the sweeping changes to civil litigation costs and much uncertainty remains. A review into some problematic areas of the reforms is already underway through a team led by Justice Ramsey, with results expected to emerge in April 2014. […]

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What types of damages can be recovered in a personal injury claim?

October 2, 2013

For people who have been injured in an accident in Washington State, the law states that the injured party is entitled to be compensated for their losses, inasmuch as this can be accomplished with money. In general, damages in a personal injury claim are awarded for the purpose of placing the victim in the position […]

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Have You Been A Victim Of Police Brutality? How To Take Action

September 28, 2013

(U.S. and General) Filing a police brutality case is very serious business, especially when the defendant has also been charged with a criminal offense. Actually, some kind of criminal charge will be filed because it becomes a method of protection for the officer who is claiming to be “protecting” and “serving” the citizenry. Police officers […]

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Questions You Should Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

September 26, 2013

If you are quite lucky, you will live out the remainder of your life and never have to consider anything about a personal injury lawyer.  The only reason you will find yourself in the office of a personal injury lawyer is if you’ve sustained an injury, and usually they are pretty serious.  However, with that […]

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What to do before hiring a lawyer for your denied insurance claim

September 25, 2013

Insurance companies have been notorious for their unremitting ability to deny claims to those who need them most. We often hear about denials because the provider deems the situation not related to medical reasons but many times there can just be a simple administrative error that is keeping your claim from being accepted. If the […]

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172 killed every month in road traffic accidents on Ghana’s roads

September 24, 2013

Shocking statistics regarding road deaths in Ghana have come to light, highlighting the terrible loss of life that occurs on a daily basis. In the first half of 2013 alone 1,033 people have been killed in road traffic accidents and if that wasn’t enough; there have been 6,839 accidents on the country’s roads in just […]

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