Types of Injury

A Case of First Impression in Law Enforcement

August 27, 2013

A recent federal employment law case has set a significant precedent that will likely impact the way law enforcement agencies view disabled job applicants and treat disabled employees. It will also likely provide encouragement to injured veterans seeking to be productive citizens as they re-enter civilian life. In Justin Slaby v. Eric Holder, Jr., the […]

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Employee Injury: Here’s How to Protect Your Assets

August 26, 2013

As a small business owner, you probably have invested most or all of your assets into your business. These financial resources also may be your cushion that could prevent you from losing everything if your business were to collapse. When you hire employees, you not only must look to your own well-being; you must also […]

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The Most Common Injuries Suffered by NBA Players

August 24, 2013

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a wonderful sports league; but like any high level of sports, injuries are commonplace. Even though basketball is not the contact sport that, say, football is, injuries are still a daily occurrence in professional basketball. It is not hard to understand why: extremely athletic players are accelerating, breaking, and […]

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College Stats: Deaths and Injuries Related to Hazing

August 19, 2013

Hazing traces its roots back to at least the 1600s, but it is no longer legal in most states. In fact, hazing practices have become so extreme that it is estimated that at least one person dies from being hazed every year. When you combine this with all of the people who have suffered adverse […]

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The Most Common Injuries Suffered by NFL Players

August 1, 2013

While football may be a fun and exciting sport to watch, it can be a painful game to play. Most NFL players suffer bruises, concussions, and a variety of other injuries throughout the course of their careers, with each ailment bringing with it a host of other complications. Here are some of the most common […]

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Surprisingly Common Slip and Fall Accidents: Who has Liability?

July 20, 2013

(U.S. Law and generally) Most people do not plan their days around the risk of falling down and getting injured. While they may underappreciate slipping and falling, the consequences of these accidents can be devastating. In fact, slip and fall accidents commonly occur in a variety of places, calling for people to be aware of […]

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When High Voltage Leads to On-the-Job Injury: What can a Person do?

July 20, 2013

Accidents involving high voltage electricity can easily result in death as well as very serious personal injury. The result of a high-voltage accident is rarely positive in any manner. Approximately 80% of all high voltage electrical shock injuries will include amputation of some type to avoid infecting other areas of the body. Sometimes this disabling […]

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UK: Whiplash Capital of the World?

July 13, 2013

Recent reports have branded the UK with the unsavory title of ‘Whiplash Capital of the World’. We’ve even heard the term thrown about at Number 10. But the question remains as to whether or not the statement is in fact founded and whether context should play a part? We read the likes of Emma Wall, in […]

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Claim compensation for a broken arm

June 30, 2013

There are numerous ways in which you can break your arm – perhaps you were the victim of a road traffic accident, a sporting fixture, a fall at work or slipping on a wet floor in public. The consequences can be dire. Your arm is likely to be in an uncomfortable cast for weeks, from […]

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Are You Still Using Mirena?

June 19, 2013

For many busy women, keeping track of birth control is one more thing to program into the “reminder” section of their iPhone and starting a family may be the farthest thing from their minds.  For many young women, a commitment to a career comes first, as well as a trustworthy, hassle-free birth control option.  For […]

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