Things to Look for When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

by JRO on August 24, 2013

You find yourself in a situation in which you have to find the best personal injury attorney. You want to make sure you choose the best one you have access to. Not only a personal injury attorney well versed in this area of law, but that understands your particular situation and will act with your best interest in mind first and foremost. A reasonable request; after all, hiring the right attorney can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your case. If dealing with personal injury, you could find that you struggle to defend yourself in court without a skilled personal injury attorney on your side. Many people are not aware of the deadline requirements for court documents. If you are concerned about the cost of representation, it is important to meet with several different attorneys to discuss your case. You need to find an attorney that believes in your case and provides payment arrangements that work well for your situation. Here are some things to look for when hiring the right personal injury attorney.

Initial Consultation

To learn if you even have a valid case, it helps to consult with an attorney. Most personal injury attorneys will provide a free initial consultation. This brief meeting will cover the validity of your case and help you determine if worth pursuing. The attorney will go over the case, costs and outcomes you can expect.


When seeking an attorney, look for one with experience. It is vital to your case to find a person that understands the local laws, court system and your particular personal injury case. You need to find someone that has dealt with similar cases and has achieved positive outcomes. The Association of Corporate Counsel recommends asking an attorney how many other cases they are currently working on to determine if they have enough time to devote to your case.

Case Options

The good thing about working with an attorney is that they are able to negotiate with insurance companies. You do not always need to take your case to court. The attorney will work hard on getting the insurance company to settle your claim for a fair price. It is important that you discuss different settlement options and find out how long it will take before you see money from the settlement. Taking the case to court can take a long time. A good attorney will be able to give you a realistic timeframe for how long it will take before your case is finally complete.

It is also important to discuss options in the event that you do not win your case. Many people do not understand that they need to pay back their insurance company if they win a personal injury case. Your insurance company will ask for payment on all the medical bills they paid. Your attorney will need to work with these insurance companies to focus on getting them to reduce the required payment amount so you can gain as much money as possible from the settlement.

Fees and Expenses

An attorney may take on the case using a contingency fee. This means they will not be paid until you receive money from your settlement. Essentially they are working for free until you are paid. This can be a great option, since it shows the attorney is motivated to win the case. Discuss different expenses with each prospective attorney so you know if there are other things you need to pay for. Always read the contract before hiring an attorney to know you are getting the best treatment and representation possible.

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