The Most Common Injuries Suffered by NFL Players

by JRO on August 1, 2013

While football may be a fun and exciting sport to watch, it can be a painful game to play. Most NFL players suffer bruises, concussions, and a variety of other injuries throughout the course of their careers, with each ailment bringing with it a host of other complications. Here are some of the most common injuries suffered by NFL players in the United States, and a few tips on how to stay safe in your future time on the gridiron.

Shoulder Injuries

This is the most common injury suffered by quarterbacks, with a variety of complications such as torn ligaments, broken bones, and partial or complete dislocations. Players in this position often experience problems due to overuse of the joint, and can fix issues through inflammation therapy, rehabilitation, and in worst cases, surgery.

If the injury is due to a blunt force trauma, such as a rough tackle, it is most likely that surgery is necessary, with the rehabilitation time often spanning whole seasons. While there are few preventions for this injury, it is wise for a quarterback to rest the arm if it feels especially fatigued, and to attempt to avoid falling on the throwing arm.

Ankle and Lower Leg Injuries

This is an extremely common injury for players of all positions. Because of the aggressive and often violent nature of football, players can fall in compromising positions that allow their ankles to twist or even snap. The tendons in the ankle are at a high risk of tearing, and the bones can even break if subjected to a hard fall on the turf below.

It is difficult to prevent this kind of injury, as it can happen at any time during a play. Strengthening the muscles in the calf, lower leg, and ankle would help protect the surrounding areas in the event of such a situation.

Head Injuries

This is a very common injury among NFL players, and can often have the most devastating effects on both players’ careers and lives as a whole. While the sturdy plastic helmets worn by these players are meant to protect individuals during aggressive play, they often fail, allowing concussions and other head trauma to occur frequently. Many NFL players suffer multiple concussions throughout their careers, and others fall prey to serious brain damage that has occasionally left players debilitated.

To prevent this, a football player must be extremely careful when tackling and being tackled. Always attempt to prevent your head from sustaining a direct blow, and when tackling, ensure that the head is directed outward in order to prevent direct contact with any hard surface. Also, before playing on the field, make sure that your helmet is made of the highest quality plastic and other materials, and that it conforms to the standards set forth by any governing bodies. By taking these simple precautions, you will be helping to maintain the health and safety of your body’s most precious organ.

Stay Safe on the Field

Football may be a national pastime, but it’s an extremely dangerous sport to play for the unprepared. Before hitting the field again, read over this quick list to prepare yourself and stay safe as you score the winning touchdown.


Vincent Harmon is a freelance writer focusing on health, medical science, the medical profession and other kindred topics. Those suffering from an injury such as a herniated disk should visit Gulf Coast Spine Care.




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