The Great (Dry) Wall of China: International Product Liability?

by ShelbyW on November 8, 2012

When you purchase a home or business structure, you expect it to meet certain quality and safety design standards, including those related to health. Unfortunately, many people across the United States have recently been finding out the hard way that not all contractors and builders are playing by the same rules. In fact, recent lawsuits have shed light on a very difficult and potentially hazardous health concern within the construction design industry – Chinese-made drywall.

What’s the Problem?

As of right now, the exact potential for health hazards related to Chinese-made drywall is still being investigated. Many people who have experienced the effects of Chinese drywall in their homes and businesses have reported foul odors arising from the drywall itself, and this has led to people moving out of buildings for fear of health issues.

The Big Risk

While the issue is still being investigated, some experts, such as New York University environmental studies professor Morton Lippmann, have claimed that the odors being experienced by home and business owners essentially amount to sulfur smells coming from Chinese-made drywall, and these odors are known to exacerbate symptoms in those suffering from pre-existing sinus problems. It should also be noted, however, that other researchers have suggested that those individuals who are pre-disposed to respiratory problems may have a harder time dealing with the gases being given off by the Chinese-made drywall.

How Real is the Problem?

Nachman Brautbar, who is a toxicologist at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, believes that the potential for danger does still exist, despite conclusive scientific evidence to prove that Chinese-made drywall is causing health problems. In his opinion, the gases being given off by these drywall products certainly deserves more scientific study and speculation before any further steps should be taken. The Chinese manufacturing industry, on the other hand, believes that the vast majority of media cases involving the country’s drywall products are being spurred on by fear and sensationalism.

Has Product Flaw Affected You?

If you currently are experiencing strange, sulfur-like odors emanating from your drywall, or if you feel that you are experiencing health problems as a result of the construction materials within your home or business, you may need to seek out the services of your primary care physician in order to determine whether damage has actually occurred. Additionally, according to our Albany personal injury attorney, you may want to get legal advice to see if you are due compensation for any injuries or the potential for injuries you might have sustained as a result of poorly designed construction materials.

As mentioned, the case against Chinese-made drywall is still an ongoing issue, and one that has become a major legal topic in the last decade. In fact, after Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area, many people were displaced and offered new housing that used Chinese drywall, and as a result, those who have suffered under the wrath of Mother Nature are now potentially suffering continued health risks. If you’re unsure as to the safety of your home or business, don’t risk potential health effects. Contact a personal injury lawyer today to discuss your options and ensure your future. Even if scientific studies are yet to be conclusive, you may still have a case, meaning you may still be due compensation for the potential injury inflicted upon you and your family.

Ann Bailey is a former journalist who posts this report on badly designed construction component dry-wall to alert consumers and designers alike.  Consumers who may be affected can seek advice from the office of Bottar Leone, an Albany personal injury attorney who specializes in product design flaw liability and consumer protection and remuneration.

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