The Dangers of Boating Machinery Failure

by MPNorman on September 3, 2012

(US personal injury law) Boating is one of the more popular recreational activities in the United States, particularly in coastal areas or those near a large body of water. Unfortunately, boating can be a risky activity for many, potentially resulting in injuries in a number of different ways. However, one of the most disturbing possible causes of a boating accident involves machinery failure, which is a surprisingly common phenomenon.

U.S. personal injury law ensures that those who have been the victim of an injury occurring as a result of machine failure of a boat not due to their own actions are entitled to seek compensation for their losses and expenses. However, actually receiving the compensation that may be owed to an injury victim can be difficult without qualified legal representation. Therefore, injury victims typically should seek legal assistance when pursuing an injury claim.

Common Types of Machinery Failure

There are a number of different ways in which machinery failure can occur on a boat, resulting in injury to any passengers or the boat’s driver. The U.S. coastguard has published a list of all the boating machinery failure accidents occurring in the U.S. in the previous year, available here. However, the most common of these accidents include:

Electrical system failure

Engine failure

Steering system failure

Shift failure

Throttle failure

These and other common forms of boating machinery failure can result in serious injuries and, in extreme cases, even death. These types of tragic circumstances should not be the victim’s burden to bear alone. Fortunately, financial compensation that can cover many of the costs of an injury caused by machinery failure on a boat may be available through a personal injury lawsuit. However, to ensure that a victim’s likelihood of receiving compensation is as high as it can be, it is often necessary to pursue the services of a qualified personal injury lawyer.

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