Tesla Sparks Serious Product Liability Issues

by Trent Erwin on December 5, 2013

Tesla Motors has made quite a spark in the news recently. With two electric cars catching fire in the U.S. since October, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began a probe for more information.

The NHTSA requested information about design modifications and engineering drawings for the Model S electric sedan. Tesla has until Jan. 14 to provide this information for the investigation to continue.

Regulators have asked Tesla to detail the consequences of battery pack damage, which has causes the fires, and how the company addressed such problems in their designs of the Model S.

After an influx of media coverage regarding the fires, Tesla shares dropped by 25 percent since Oct. 1, but have roared back 16.5 percent.

Tesla is a perfect example of product liability cases and how consumers can be protected against the failures of major companies. In the case of vehicles, drivers can sue companies for major issues, especially issues that are due to flawed design or faulty parts.

Some personal injury lawyers specialize in product liability law and help consumers claim compensation when they’ve been injured or their property has been damaged. Every year, major vehicle manufacturers issue recalls, such as Toyota and Honda, for faulty parts that can cause serious issues for drivers.

While Tesla vehicles aren’t in a wide market, other vehicles are recalled by the masses and those vehicles could cause harm to the average driver. In such a case, a personal injury lawyer who practices product liability law should be contacted. Statutes limit the amount of time to claim, so drivers do not have an infinite amount of time to claim for compensation.

Trent Erwin

Trent Erwin

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