work accident

Roofer prosecuted after grandmother and grandson burnt with bitumen

December 2, 2013

A High Wycombe-based builder has been fined by the Redhill Magistrates’ Court after it was found that health and safety breaches by him had caused or contributed to serious injury to a grandmother and her 21-month-old grandson. Self-employed roofer Mr John Terrell, 50, had been contracted to felt a flat roof and in order to […]

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Famous tyre manufacturer fined over workplace injuries

August 25, 2013

The famous tyre manufacturer “Pirelli” has been fined by the Carlisle Magistrates’ Court after one of its workers suffered a serious injury at work because of health and safety lapses in one of its factory. The accident occurred on 3 January 2012 when an un-named 57-year-old worker was working in Pirelli’s factory. He was working […]

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Learn How and Where to Report Accidents at Work

August 21, 2012

Whenever you face an accident at your workplace, it is wise to follow the proper protocols to report your injury to the concerned bodies. If you fail to report your injury received in a workplace accident, you might not get entitled to workplace accident compensation benefits. Here is a comprehensive guide on where and how […]

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