Traffic collision

Car Accident Information

July 2, 2013

Car Accidents Practice Area We, iAccident Lawyers, are here to help you after a car accident. We will get you an experienced car accident attorney to help you with the financial, mental and physical burdens that follow an accident. We will not charge you until you get paid and settle with the insurance companies. You […]

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The Most Common Ways Personal Injury is Attained

September 28, 2012

The phrase “personal injury” is often tossed around but many are unclear on the meaning and cause of it. Personal injury is any harm that comes to a person physically, mentally, or emotionally. And believe it or not, accidents happen frequently which inflict personal injury to victims. Here are some common incidents where individuals can […]

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When Fido is in the Car Crash, Too

September 21, 2012

Almost every dog loves to go for a ride in the car. Some are all about pushing their snout into the wind, ears flapping, with their tongue hanging out of their heads. Others are content to leisurely lounge on the seat, simply happy to along for the ride. Your canine companion probably will never see […]

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