Tesla Sparks Serious Product Liability Issues

December 5, 2013

Tesla Motors has made quite a spark in the news recently. With two electric cars catching fire in the U.S. since October, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began a probe for more information. The NHTSA requested information about design modifications and engineering drawings for the Model S electric sedan. Tesla has until Jan. 14 […]

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Car Accident Information

July 2, 2013

Car Accidents Practice Area We, iAccident Lawyers, are here to help you after a car accident. We will get you an experienced car accident attorney to help you with the financial, mental and physical burdens that follow an accident. We will not charge you until you get paid and settle with the insurance companies. You […]

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What to Do Following a Work Injury

May 2, 2013

While being able to support a family without ever leaving the house would be ideal for many, the reality of modern life is that earning living wages tends to require going to the workplace. Unfortunately, not every job is glamorous and some can put workers in significant danger. Whether you’re on a construction site or […]

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Signs That Point Towards Hiring An Injury Lawyer

February 21, 2013

When to Call a Work Injury Lawyer (Guest post) No one wants an attorney to confront his or her employer about a workers compensation claim. Unfortunately though, that is often the only way an injury victim gets compensation. Instead of treating injury victims with dignity, some companies treat them poorly by ignoring their financial needs […]

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Personal injury lawyers advice in Toronto

January 6, 2013
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Have you ever been injured in a car accident and faced the issues relating to personal claims settlement? Really, you find it very difficult without some basic legal advice. The role of legal services is vital in this context, providing the clients with necessary legal expertise to defend their rights in the situation. Depending on […]

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Why Are Class-Action Lawsuits About Drugs So Common?

November 20, 2012

If you have watched more than two hours of nighttime television in the past three years you have undoubtedly seen the advertisements sponsored by some a law firm urging viewers to file a claim for  “compensation” under the terms of settlement in some class action lawsuit if they have used some prescription drug or other […]

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