car safety

Are You A Safe Winter Driver?

December 24, 2013

How easily we forget how difficult driving can be once the first snowfall arrives.  Even when a mere dusting of snow hits the roadways, some drivers seem to forget all of the road rules and act as if they had never driven defensively while other drivers are over confident and can cause an accident due […]

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Your Legal Rights When Pulled Over

May 22, 2013

Looking in your rear-view mirror and seeing the flashing red lights of a police car signaling you to pull over often causes immediate stress.  It may be even more worrisome if you are pulled over due to suspicion of drunk driving.  A MI drunk driving conviction can have serious, lifelong consequences.  In Michigan, as in […]

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The Latest in Accident Prevention Technology for Vehicles

January 29, 2013

Car accidents have become a topic of concern due in large part to the issues with distracted driving increasing astronomically over the last few years. The big question is how do we cut down on distracted driving and increase safety? Last year there were several new developments in automotive accident prevention technology, debuted by some […]

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