Car accidents

5 Things to Do After You’ve Been In a Car Accident

May 24, 2013

A car accident can cause a variety of injuries. There are several important steps that you should take after every car accident. Although, hopefully you will never need any of these tips, it’s better to be prepared and have a plan if something does happen. Get out of Traffic One of the common effects of […]

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Year in Review (2011)-Car Accidents

May 20, 2013

If you live in Alabama, you may already know that you are at a high risk of being involved in some kind of car accident at some point in your lifetime.  Alabama’s US Route 431, once made a “Dangerous Roadways” list and was coined “Highway to Hell”.  While some improvements have been made, the statistics […]

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Safety When Vacationing

May 13, 2013

Your family vacation is the ideal opportunity to relax while reconnecting with your loved ones. Sometimes, in the rush of preparing for your vacation, it’s easy to forget that some simple safety tips and preparation can reduce your headaches, keep you safer on your trip, and reduce your chances of going through a personal injury […]

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Top Places To Visit In New York State

March 9, 2013

The state of New York has several well-known landmarks, and whether you are a resident or coming from out-of-town, it is easy to find a hot spot for your next vacation. Each of the cities on the following list has a lot of unique features that tourists will love. In fact, some of the areas […]

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Medical Malpractice Claims; Only the Researched Survive

February 27, 2013

From the perspective of medical doctors, the current model of medical malpractice is not sustainable. Medical malpractice claims are rising. This current trend leads to higher costs for medical practitioners in attorney fees and insurance, contributes to the stress of the practice of medicine, and sometimes dissuades the best and brightest doctors from entering higher […]

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Top Five Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

February 9, 2013

(U. S. Personal Injury Law and generally) There are over 6.4 million car accidents annually in the U.S., and approximately 1.5 million people are injured as a result. Although some injuries are extremely minor, they can still cause a disruption to the afflicted party’s daily life for a while, and medical bills are common regardless […]

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Fatal Car Accident in St. Louis Likely Due to Texting While Driving

January 31, 2013

A great deal of car accidents that have occurred in Missouri have been caused by drivers who were texting while driving.  In November 2012, a 29-year-old man from St. Louis died in a single-vehicle crash.  Authorities that arrived on the scene found the young man’s cell phone in the front seat disclosing an incomplete text […]

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The Latest in Accident Prevention Technology for Vehicles

January 29, 2013

Car accidents have become a topic of concern due in large part to the issues with distracted driving increasing astronomically over the last few years. The big question is how do we cut down on distracted driving and increase safety? Last year there were several new developments in automotive accident prevention technology, debuted by some […]

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Protecting Your Personal Interests Following A Car Accident

January 22, 2013

[US law and general] Automobile accidents are a common source of injuries, property damage, and deaths. Motor vehicle collisions typically result from the negligence of one or both drivers. As a result, automobile accidents are a common source of litigation. When an accident occurs, both parties must take preventative actions to mitigate their potential losses. […]

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A Guide to Road Accident Claims

January 14, 2013

Over 1 million road accidents occur each year in the UK. The majority of these incidents are only minor and people walk away unharmed. However, some are far more serious and result in injuries being sustained and in some cases, even fatalities. In such situations a personal injury claim for compensation can be made. Whenever […]

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