Brain injury claims

How to Handle a Brain Injury Lawsuit When Your Cognitive Ability is Impaired

December 25, 2012

Cognitive ability refers to the way a person reacts and processes things which are going on around them – basically, it is one’s ability to think. Cognition is used in almost everything a person does from moving their hand to answering questions on a hard test. Cognitive ability involves the following functions:       […]

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4 Ways Lawyers Can Help Family Members after a Brain Injury

October 2, 2012

After a brain injury, families are left with a unique responsibility to help their loved one cope and adapt to a new life. Lawyers quickly become a trusted resource for families specially a family lawyer. This post will discuss how a lawyer can go above and beyond to help family members cope after an accident […]

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Concussions, Brain Injury Claims and the NHL

April 23, 2012

Below is a guest personal injury article regarding concussions, brain injury claims and the NHL. One of the worrying factors that the NHL seems to be unable to control is the high number of concussions and brain injuries that the players sustain during the games. For the first time, the league disclosed the fact that […]

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