Accidents at work

Dangerous Professions that Pay Very, Very Well

December 13, 2013

Some people are drawn to a dangerous job or career path because they are adventurous thrill seekers, while others may gravitate to the same profession because it pays well and doesn’t require a college degree. Obviously not every high risk job is going to be open to those without a college degree, but there is […]

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Thinking of Blowing the Whistle? Know Your Rights

June 7, 2013

Human nature being what it is, there are times you might witness unethical, criminal or negligent activities at the company where you work. When this happens, it’s natural for a person with integrity to want to do something about it. If you see a co-worker harassing someone, you might want to file a complaint. If […]

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Big Payouts for Work Accidents Hit Headlines

May 2, 2013

Compensation for accidents at work isn’t always well received and the ‘compensation culture’ that is usually credited with beginning in the UK is feared by a lot of the mass media here in the UK.  Just over the past week we’ve heard of a few cases that have been released under the Freedom of Information […]

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How to prevent injury claims with safety at work

April 25, 2013

Daytime television is full of commercials for firms offering to represent people in personal injury claims. While the fact that these companies are perceived as actively encouraging nuisance lawsuits is an annoyance to many companies (particularly smaller ones, which struggle to afford legal fees), the reality is that their business is a combination of people […]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Worker’s Compensation Laws

April 12, 2013

As Massachusetts and Rhode Island personal injury attorney who does a fair amount of workers compensation law work, I receive a lot of questions from people who want to know what to do when they are hurt at work. Its understandable, workers compensation laws are complex and you need a competent personal injury attorney skilled in […]

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5 Most Common Causes of Injury at Work

March 21, 2013

Workplace injuries are very common and disruptive to the lives of employees and businesses. Certain types of injuries as a result of negligence are more common than others and should be addressed by employers to avoid unnecessary liabilities. Listed below are the five most common types of injuries in the workplace, according to insurance companies. […]

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5 Top Tips for Claiming for Accidents at Work

February 13, 2013

Over a million people have an accident at work in the UK each year. For the most part these are only minor incidents, but some are more serious and result in a personal injury claim being made. Making a claim against your employer isn’t that different to any other type of personal injury claim. As […]

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Procedure for Handling Victims Claim Complaints

January 3, 2013

Victims who have undergone trauma because of any fatal incidents due to the negligence of others, they decide to seek advice of professionals for claiming for financial and health loss. Complaints are expressions of dissatisfaction by clients. Victims does complaints to professionals against their suffering relating to the service and experience the solicitors provide. Based […]

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Workers Compensation: Know Your Rights

November 8, 2012

An alarming number of United States workers are injured or killed on the job.  Workplace safety is a serious concern, and one that too many employers take lightly.  Hard working people are placed in harms way by carelessness and disregard for human life. The statistics are staggering.  Every day in the United States workers are […]

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Personal Injury Claims at Work

October 17, 2012

The role of the HSE The Health and Safety Executive ( is the national regulator for health and safety in the workplace. As such they aim to reduce workplace related injury, death and illness. They do so by promoting training, providing regulations, research and investigation, enforcement. They will investigate the more serious cases of workplace […]

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