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Winter Holidays – Planning for Personal Injury Claims Abroad

January 20, 2014

In January many of us start to really think about planning a trip abroad – about 900,000 people in the UK love to ski and may have already planned their special ski holiday. It has to be acknowledged that all types of ski holidays will be expensive no matter where you go so it is […]

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Fatal Car Accident in Atlanta, Georgia: How do we Recover?

August 22, 2013

Fatal Car Accident in Atlanta, Georgia: How do we Recover? Being involved in a car accident is nothing short of a hassle and a headache. First, there is a check to determine whether anyone was injured; then comes the interviews with police and car insurance companies. Unfortunately when someone dies as a result of the accident, […]

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5 Top Tips for Claiming for Accidents at Work

February 13, 2013

Over a million people have an accident at work in the UK each year. For the most part these are only minor incidents, but some are more serious and result in a personal injury claim being made. Making a claim against your employer isn’t that different to any other type of personal injury claim. As […]

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A Guide to Road Accident Claims

January 14, 2013

Over 1 million road accidents occur each year in the UK. The majority of these incidents are only minor and people walk away unharmed. However, some are far more serious and result in injuries being sustained and in some cases, even fatalities. In such situations a personal injury claim for compensation can be made. Whenever […]

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Choosing a Reputable Injury Lawyer

December 8, 2012

(in the USA and elsewhere) Hiring a lawyer is a difficult process, especially for individuals who have not worked with legal representation in the past. The task is made even more challenging when the need for specialization develops, as is often the case when hiring an injury lawyer. While many injury lawyers are considered to […]

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What are Your Options If You are Injured in a Hit and Run?

December 6, 2012

According to Crime Prevention Tips, hit and run car accidents are those in which one driver fails to stop or offer assistance following a mishap that causes injury or damage. While most drivers do all that they can to render help when it comes to a situation such as this, others flee the scene of […]

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Understanding Personal Injury Compensation

November 17, 2012

Personal injuries are likely not something that most of us give any thought to until the unthinkable happens to us. Sustaining injuries because of the negligence or ill intent of another goes beyond the event itself, especially when there is long-term recovery ahead. In many cases, the term personal injury refers to harm that is […]

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Chevron Flooded with Injury Claims as Refinery Leaks Continue

August 30, 2012

Three law firms in Richmond, Calif., have announced class action lawsuits against Chevron Corporation for gross negligence and mishandling of the August 6 refinery fire that sends thousands to the hospital and continues to leak crude oil. With a single firm, more than 3,000 plaintiffs are suing for what they consider to be a preventable […]

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Personal Injury Claims Tips

July 12, 2012

Top Tips When Making Personal Injury Claims With more accidents on the road, work related accidents and slips, trips and falls being reported than ever before, the Accident Advice Helpline has revealed the 6 top tips to help victims successfully make Personal Injury Claims. 1. Write everything down For victims of accidents, it is important to keep […]

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Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney Discusses Importance of Having UM Coverage

July 4, 2012

(US Law) This is an article from our personal injury website regarding the importance of having UM coverage and lots of it on your automobile insurance.  As an Atlanta auto accident attorney, I too often have clients involved in car accidents with an at-fault driver who only has minimum liability coverage ($25,000.00 in the State […]

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