Steps to Keep in Mind if you have a Car Accident

by kenadams on June 15, 2013

Getting involved in an accident is the last thing that you would want, however if that ever happens there are some steps that you will always need to keep in mind. It is always good to be prepared when you face such situations. It is also good to keep a handy manual in your glove compartment, in case someone else is driving your car

Take Care of yourself and inform police:

The first thing to do after any accident would be to be sure about your own safety. Immediately check for injuries for yourself and then help others. Always keep a first aid kit and blanket in your car for emergency situations. However, do not move anyone who is unconscious or seriously injured. Immediately call 911 and ask for help. It is also wise to call the police and inform them of the situation. It is advisable to let the police know, especially if there is substantial property damage for you. If you inform the police the other driver’s details like his name, address, license number gets documented and it is very useful if you later need to take legal action.

Stay and the scene and document the details:

Never leave the scene of crime until it is appropriate. It is the cardinal rule of all car accidents. If you leave the scene where someone is seriously injured or killed you can face very serious criminal charges. Talk to the other drivers involved and get all their details including name, address, phone number, license plate number and other details. Try to be cordial and professional but do not apologise or discuss details. That way you might just push yourself into legal liabilities. Document the scene in as much details as possible. Use a camera or phone to take as many pictures as possible. It is also wise to talk to witnesses if available and ask them for details. Also ask them for their personal details, if they are willing to give them. It might be very useful if you lawyer or the insurance company wants to contact them.

Call a tow-truck

If your car needs to be towed call a tow truck. Call the assistance helpline of your car insurance company. If you hire a car with make sure you have insurance for that as well and having a car with a car tow-bar in such situations is always useful. If you do not have the emergency number the police can help you to get home or arrange for a tow truck

Contact your insurance company

Contact your insurance company as soon possible. Give them all the details that they require in details. Do not lie about anything because you can get into serious trouble because of it. Also get a copy of a police report so that you can prove your point to insurance company. Keep track of all your medical records after your treatment so that you can provide these details to your lawyer or insurer whenever necessary. However, be careful of any settlement offered by the insurance company. Always contact your lawyer before signing any official documents




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