Someone injures themselves on your property…What is the first step?

by parkman_law on June 14, 2013

Crisis mode. An employee, visitor, client, etc. has injured themselves at your office. What do you do next? Obviously there are hundreds of thoughts going through your mind, and probably the last one is what legal actions could arise from this. But, you should always be prepared.

Step 1:

Assess the situation. Determine to the best of your abilities how injured the party is and if they need medical attention. If there is any hint of injury; physical or psychological it is best to seek medical treatment. The medical assistance will not only help the injured party but also keep a documented record for you on the extent of the injuries, the time it occurred, and even the conditions present at the time of the injury.

Step 2:

If possible take photos of the situation. If medical assistance is not needed, consider calling the police to make a report. The more that is written down the better. Photos of the injury (or lack there of) and the area in which it occurred will be very helpful later on.

Step 3:

Call your home or business insurance company. The sooner the insurance company is in the loop the better and they can assist you with the phase in order to prevent a lawsuit.

Should a lawsuit arise or the injured party seek medical expense reimbursement call an Alabama attorney. The personal injury attorneys at Parkman & White will be able to assist you through the pre-litigation process and if necessary the litigation process.

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