Safety When Vacationing

by Andrew Mounier on May 13, 2013

Your family vacation is the ideal opportunity to relax while reconnecting with your loved ones. Sometimes, in the rush of preparing for your vacation, it’s easy to forget that some simple safety tips and preparation can reduce your headaches, keep you safer on your trip, and reduce your chances of going through a personal injury claim. Although many people believe that personal injury accidents won’t happen to them, it is actually a very real possibility. Injuries resulting from an accident while on vacation can ruin the entire experience, and lead you to suffer for many weeks or months after the incident has occurred. These injuries may also require you to undergo therapy or hire an auto accident chiropractor. Wherever possible, plan in advance to stay safe.

Check Out The Area

Before leaving on your trip, do some investigations about the entire area. Most families tend to focus on attractions and hotel accommodations, but there are other factors that should affect your decision about where you stay. Checking out crime statistics and reviews from other travelers is one way to keep your family away from harm. One of the most disappointing aspects of a family vacation can be arriving to a location that doesn’t match up to your expectations. Make sure that the area is well lit and relatively safe. Not only will your children feel safer, but you will be able to relax much more easily feeling that the entire family is safe and protected.

Stay Alert at Night

When traveling at night, exercise extra caution. One dangerous aspect of many family vacations is the use of a rental car. Not being familiar with an individual car can reduce your reaction time and lead to accidents. Take some time getting familiar with the vehicle during the daytime so that you don’t feel as uncomfortable when the sun sets. Familiarize yourself with your plans for the day before setting out. Although it might seem like old school behavior, invest in a map of the area or print out your exact location to make it easier to find in case you get lost.

Have a Backup Plan

Make sure that you have plenty of extras. Although many places will accept credit cards, it’s likely that you’ve heard a horror story from a family member, friend, or neighbor whose bank or credit card company detected fraudulent activity and blocked the cards during the entire vacation. Always be prepared for such emergencies with traveler’s checks, extra cash, or a prepaid debit card. In the event of an emergency, you’ll still be able to afford your vacation. Take the extra step and contact your bank and credit card companies in advance to alert them of your impending travel locations.

Get Assistance

Finally, appoint someone else to assist you with navigation whenever you are traveling by car. Especially when you are in a new area, it can be frustrating and highly distracting to be looking at a map and determining your next step. If you can ensure that someone else in the vehicle is helping you at all times, you’ll be able to keep your focus on the road and reduce the likelihood of a car accident. Just a few simple preparation steps can put you on the path to an excellent and safe vacation. What safety tips have helped you avoid trouble on vacation?

Andrew Mounier
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