Rock Star Settles Personal Injury Compensation Claim

by My Compensation on July 27, 2012

Earlier on this month, the rock singer and reality TV star Bret Michaels and his specialist no win no fee solicitors finalised an on-going personal injury compensation claim with the organisation responsible for putting together the Tony Awards. The personal injury incident happened several years ago in 2009 when Michaels got hit over the head buy a set of piece during the award ceremony. The personal injury is supposed to have contributed to a brain hemorrhage which almost killed the celebrity who is the lead singer of the band, Poison.

In addition to the personal injury claim being launched against the organisers of the Tony Awards, CBS Broadcasting also being cited as eligible to pay out for personal injury compensation as this is the company responsible for airing the show and the accident on the night in question. In the personal injury claim writ, Michaels stated that he suffered from psychological and emotional damages which affected him in the long term. This was a result of the footage of the incident gaining considerable popularity on content sharing website Youtube. On the video-posting website and through social sharing, the footage reached viral status and was watched by tens of millions of people all over the globe.

In the world of personal injury compensation claims, injuries sustained to the head are often considered to be the most severe. A brain injury or some kind of knock to an unprotected head can cause brain damage which can subsequently create serious (and long-term) life-debilitating effects. When the personal injury happened on the stage of the Tony Awards, Michaels sustained a bruised leg, broken nose and also bleeding around brain which saw blood seeping through his ear. The star was rushed to the nearest hospital where  medical professionals diagnosed him with having suffered a haemorrhage which had, in turn, been followed by a stroke which Michaels stated almost took his life. At this stage, the total amount of compensation claim money agreed in the settlement is not being disclosed although it’s likely to be a significant amount of personal injury damage funds. This story was originally reported over at the Huffington Post.

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