Recognizing and Filing a Case for Repetitive Motion Injuries

by CarlosSantiago on September 28, 2012

(US law and generally) Although there are certain industries in which workplace injuries are more typically the result of a sudden, traumatic accident, a large percentage of workplace injuries actually develop slowly over time.  One such example of this – repetitive motion injuries – may actually take anywhere from months to years to begin affecting a person. However, they can be just as damaging in the long run and, just like other workplace injuries, can qualify a person for workers’ compensation benefits.

Identifying a Repetitive Motion Injury

Although each person may suffer from specific symptoms associated with the work they are doing, the following problems may be a sign that a worker has developed a repetitive motion injury:

  • Significant pain or stiffness in the body parts and joints frequently used
  • Lack of energy or a sense of being easily exhausted
  • An increase in the pain while working
  • Inflammation of the affected area

Many people that deal with a repetitive motion injury are diagnosed with tendonitis or bursitis, although this does not encompass the possible repetitive motion injuries.  It will be up to a medical professional to identify the symptoms related to the injury, diagnose the injury, and explain the various treatment options available.

Filing Your Case

Many people do not understand the importance of working with professionals that are experienced in handling workers’ compensation issues.  Finding a doctor and a legal representative that you can trust is critical in working through the complex application process of workers’ compensation successfully.  Having the support of these qualified professionals is not only important to getting the advice and counsel you need, but it also makes it easier to get compensation for the following:

  • Medical treatment
  • Loss of income
  • Therapy or rehabilitation

Getting financial assistance to cover these and other expenses related to your repetitive motion injury is essential when your work has caused you to suffer such an injury. Do not hesitate to reach out to the people that can help you during this challenging time.  If you believe deserve financial compensation because of your losses, a workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to help you with the upcoming challenges.
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