Rear-End Collisions: Watch Your Back!

by Ladyblogger on December 21, 2012

Rear-end collisions are the most difficult to avoid, and they can cause an extremely large amount of damage. Not only is it possible for the other driver to total your vehicle by rear-ending it, but it is also common for the person who is hit to end up with whiplash or other serious injuries. It is important to understand what steps you can take to try to avoid being rear-ended, but keep in mind that there will be some circumstances that are out of your control. Therefore, if you are injured by a driver who rear-ends your vehicle, you should definitely contact a personal injury attorney.

Ways to Avoid Being Rear-Ended

According to the University of North Carolina, any driver who is using a cell phone is almost twice as likely to rear-end someone. Therefore, you should always provide as much distance as possible between your vehicle and the driver behind you, especially if they are on their phone. It is also important to avoid slamming on your brakes suddenly whenever possible. Although there will be some instances when it is impossible not to hit your brakes unexpectedly, you need to understand that doing so makes it much more likely for the driver behind you to rear-end you. Keeping a constant eye on your rear view mirror will help you determine if a driver is acting in an erratic way. Make sure that you change lanes if someone is tailgating you or appears to be driving while under the influence. Remember that it also your responsibility to do everything that you can to avoid being in an accident, and this is where driving defensively really comes into play.

Who is at Fault?

If you have been rear-ended, the odds are high that the other driver will be held at fault for the accident. There are over 1.5 million rear-end collisions in the U.S. each year, and the vast majority of these accidents are blamed on the person who crashes into the other driver’s vehicle. In order to be found guilty, however, the police officer must be able to prove that the driver acted negligently. Because of this, it is possible that the person who was rear-ended could actually be found at fault if they slammed on their brakes for no discernible reason. If you happen to be the victim of such a situation, contact a Charlotte personal injury attorney for advice sooner than later to make certain your rights are protected.

Dealing with the Accident

As soon as you are finished dealing with the police, your insurance company and any applicable medical professionals, you should contact a personal injury attorney. After all, if someone caused you an injury by rear-ending you, they should be held legally responsible for taking care of your medical bills. Your attorney can help you gather all of the necessary evidence, and they will prepare a case that is designed to convince a judge or jury that your injuries were the direct result of the other driver’s negligent actions. If you were rear-ended as the result of a DUI or because the driver was distracted, it will be even easier to gain a favorable outcome.

Serious Injuries

If the accident caused you to sustain life-altering injuries, your attorney will ask for enough money to help you deal with your medical and living expenses for the rest of your life. Although this can sometimes be a difficult thing to actually collect, it is always imperative to file a lawsuit that seeks as much as possible. After all, if the accident was not your fault, then the other driver has a legal responsibility to make things right.

Anthony Joseph is a freelance writer, and a contributes this article to raise awareness of safe driving. According to the Charlotte personal injury attorney firm of Powers McCartan, North Carolina has one of the busiest trucking hubs in the whole United States. If you’ve been involved in an auto accident in their state, these lawyers are not afraid to tackle the hard cases, and they will fight to give you the best defense to which you are entitled.

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