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Fatal Car Accident in Atlanta, Georgia: How do we Recover?

August 22, 2013

Fatal Car Accident in Atlanta, Georgia: How do we Recover? Being involved in a car accident is nothing short of a hassle and a headache. First, there is a check to determine whether anyone was injured; then comes the interviews with police and car insurance companies. Unfortunately when someone dies as a result of the accident, […]

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Mirena IUD Caused Injury? You May Be Eligible for Compensation

August 13, 2013

  Many women today use some form of contraception as a way to plan the size of their families. While most birth control is safe to use, other forms cause women to suffer serious health problems. Bayer Pharmaceutical’s Mirena IUD in particular has proven to be one of the more detrimental forms of birth control […]

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CRU Figures Expose Insurers Web of Lies in Face of Whiplash Reforms

July 15, 2013

Figures released by the Department for Work and Pension Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU) has confirmed that the total number of whiplash claims that were made last year has dropped nearly 11% to the lowest total since 2008/09, which begs the question. Why are some of the insurance companies only forecasting an estimated 3% decrease in […]

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UK: Whiplash Capital of the World?

July 13, 2013

Recent reports have branded the UK with the unsavory title of ‘Whiplash Capital of the World’. We’ve even heard the term thrown about at Number 10. But the question remains as to whether or not the statement is in fact founded and whether context should play a part? We read the likes of Emma Wall, in […]

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Common causes of scaffolding injuries

July 10, 2013

The common causes of scaffolding injuries are carelessness and negligence by employers and sometimes by employees. That sounds rather harsh and blunt, but employers are well aware of their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the regulations that followed in the wake of that Act. One piece of legislation in […]

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Car Accident Information

July 2, 2013

Car Accidents Practice Area We, iAccident Lawyers, are here to help you after a car accident. We will get you an experienced car accident attorney to help you with the financial, mental and physical burdens that follow an accident. We will not charge you until you get paid and settle with the insurance companies. You […]

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Are You Still Using Mirena?

June 19, 2013

For many busy women, keeping track of birth control is one more thing to program into the “reminder” section of their iPhone and starting a family may be the farthest thing from their minds.  For many young women, a commitment to a career comes first, as well as a trustworthy, hassle-free birth control option.  For […]

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Injured Drivers Left with No Chance in Legal Bout against Insurers

June 18, 2013

What would happen to an 80 year old pedestrian if they were knocked down in 2013? A bid to change the Small Claims Court limit has been described as ‘draconian’ by one of Britain’s leading solicitors, who gives a harrowing example of what could have happened to an 80 year old client if the change […]

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How to maximize your insurance claim for pain and suffering after an accident

June 17, 2013

Many people have a hard time wrapping their mind around understand what constitutes pain and suffering in a personal injury / car accident claim and how to go about maximizing the claim for pain and suffering.  Pain and suffering is a non-economic damage.  In California where I am licensed to practice law, we call it […]

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Disc Herniation Claim from Auto Accidents

June 15, 2013

Many victims of auto accidents suffer physical injuries to their body and in many cases, such injuries can leave long term effects.  Sometimes the injuries manifest itself in immediate pain and physical symptoms but in many cases, they show later in time.  One type of auto accident injury, where no immediate pain can happen is […]

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