Personal Injury Law In Washington

by garyhall434 on July 7, 2012

If you live in Washington state and have suffered a personal injury then you may wish to contact a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers will offer a free consultation to let you know if your case has merit. They will help you to decide whether to pursue the case and if there are other legal methods that you may wish to pursue. Many of these lawyers will not take the case if they are not completely certain that you can either win or settle. To prove their confidence, many of these lawyers will only receive a fee if you receive a settlement.

Personal injury lawyers can help you in a variety of different scenarios. They can help with workplace accidents as well as with auto accidents. They can help you to receive the money that you deserve from the parties involved as well as from insurance companies. Studies have demonstrated that people who work with these lawyers will often receive more money than those who simply relied on their insurance company to do the right thing. These lawyers are trained in special areas that help them to negotiate the best settlement with insurance companies and other parties.

There are many laws that are unique to Washington state when it comes to personal injury and these types of cases. For instance, the statute of limitations is three years when it comes to these types of cases. In addition, the state places no limits or caps on the amount that can be awarded in such cases. The courts of this state have decided that placing caps would be in violation of the state constitution. Medical malpractice suits can be pursued for up to three years in this state. Product liability suits can also be pursed for up to three years.

If you are pursuing a case in any of the following areas, you will need to know the unique circumstances that effect the state of Washington. Wrongful death, Slips and Falls, Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability and Workers’ Compensation claims will all contain elements  of law that are unique to the state of Washington. For this reason, it is imperative that you contact a lawyer that is licensed to practice law within Washington and is well versed in the particular laws of that state.

These types of lawyers can help you in a variety of different ways with your lawsuit or insurance claim. They can help to ensure that you receive the best medical care that is possible for your particular injury. They can also help you to receive the money that you need in order to pay your medical bills in a timely manner. Everyone knows how quickly the financial reputation of a person can be ruined with unpaid medical bills. The credit rating of an accident victim can quickly suffer if they do not have the proper representation to ensure that their bills are paid on time. These lawyers can help to make certain that you are properly compensated for any loss or damage that may have occurred to you in the form of property damage or injury to your physical person.


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