Optimised websites for sale for personal injury law firms

by Personal Injury Claims Blawg on July 15, 2012

Our contact is keen to engage in discussions relating to the sale of one or more personal injury law firm domain names & websites.

This may be of particular interest if the following applies to you:-

  • if you are concerned about the looming personal injury referral fee ban;
  • if you are looking to grab additional top spots in Google for relevant personal injury keywords;
  • if you want to avoid paying upwards of £700 per referred case from other websites;
  • if you’d like to avoid relying solely on pay-per-click, which can cost upwards of £40 per click, with no guarantee of being hired
  • if you want a pre-optimised personal injury site which has hundreds of targeted visitors per month, traffic that could potentially cost thousands of pounds per month through pay per click or other sources.

If you’d like further information please complete our online enquiry form here and please share this news with anyone you think may be interested.

Personal Injury Claims Blawg

Personal Injury Claims Blawg

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Personal Injury Claims Blawg
Personal Injury Claims Blawg

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