Olympics legacy may be more sports injuries

by Personal Injury Claims Blawg on July 31, 2012

Thousands of people will soon be inspired by this year’s Olympics to take up sport for their health and enjoyment. This is the much talked about legacy of the games. Claim Today Solicitors own sportsman Partha Biswas welcomes this legacy with a few words of caution about injuries.

All sports contain a certain level of risk for participants and injuries always happen during the normal course of play. We have to accept this and at times it can be part of the fun. Some injuries, however, should be avoided with properly maintained equipment and the sensible application of the rules by the sports authorities. If the necessary precautions are not taken then an injured participant may be able to claim for compensation against the sports club or association or the owner of the facility where the accident happened.

An obvious example would be a reckless tackle during a game of football. You know, when a player is tackled several seconds after the ball has clearly been played by the player, the sort of challenge that causes the spectators to take a collective intake of breath.

A less common case might be if a lower ranked karate player was hit excessively by a higher or a far more experienced or advanced ranked individual. Or even if the player were asked by their Sensei to perform manoeuvres beyond their expertise and experience, there may be a claim for compensation, should a serious injury arise.

In my 20 years’ experience of personal injury I’ve seen several such cases, in football, trampolining, ice and field hockey, and skiing. I’ve helped children who were hurt during PE win compensation. I also acted on behalf of a professional footballer injured during an English league game. It was one of those tackles.

Equipment failures, inadequate safety checks, and poor referring can all lead to injuries that can end a buddy sporting career, curtail a much loved hobby, and of course mean a loss of earnings through a prolonged recovery period.

My point is that it can happen to anyone and that’s why it’s important for all sports clubs and associations to have player registration systems and public liability insurance. Before you next get your kit on check this out with your coach our association.  If you get hurt playing your favourite sport and you believe you may be entitled to make a claim it is important to get a specialist on your team, a lawyer with experience of sports injuries will always get you the best result. You can talk to an expert in sports injury at Claim Today Solicitors 0844 27 70 800

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