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The Court of Appeal releases favourable decision for those with motor vehicle accident claims.

October 3, 2021

Tomec v. Economical Mutual Insurance Company, 2019 ONCA 882 The Court of Appeal clarified the applicable deadlines for disputing accident benefit claims. Tomec favours victims of motor vehicle accidents, particularly those who have found their condition deteriorate over time. In Tomec, the Court of Appeal held that the two year-limitation period to dispute an insurer’s refusal to pay benefits begins […]

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Speeding Fine Penalty Fees Set to Rise

December 5, 2013

Under new proposals from Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke, speeding fines could rise from £60 to as much as £100. This 66% increase has been suggested as a solution to the £50 million funding gap for crime victims. Approximately £20 from each speeding fine will go towards helping the victims of motor accidents. This is bad […]

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Done in 60 seconds: Super cameras to be used on city streets

September 24, 2013

A new traffic camera is beginning to appear on the Britain’s streets – you have been warned! The £17,000 night-vision devices have a battery of lenses and can catch up to 50 times more law-breaking drivers than previous models. In a fresh crackdown on motorists, council chiefs in Manchester have installed 15 of these new […]

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Motorcycle Accidents & Personal Injury: Know Your Rights

August 26, 2013

Riding on a motorcycle carries a host of inherent dangers. As it’s the one vehicle where you’re exposed to a host of elements such as inclement weather conditions, uncontrollable obstacles in the roadway and inconsiderate drivers; your risks for an accident can be heightened. Knowing your rights and taking the proper precautions is a necessity […]

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Genuine Whiplash Victims Should Be Given the Justice They Deserve Says Transport Select Committee

August 7, 2013

Whiplash injuries can arise from motor accidents and can have debilitating consequences for those who suffer them. It is appropriate that people injured in motor accidents through no fault of their own should be able to claim compensation from the party which caused the injury. This is the conclusion from the Transport Select Committee released […]

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Are Freeway Speed Limits for Trucks Too High?

July 21, 2013

Accidents are a regular occurrence on freeways around the country. There are concerns associated with the speeds that are established on these freeways. The speeds are generally deemed a tad ‘elevated’ in comparison to the safety requirements suggested by experts. Accidents that involve trucks are often associated with speeding being the major mistake leading to […]

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CRU Figures Expose Insurers Web of Lies in Face of Whiplash Reforms

July 15, 2013

Figures released by the Department for Work and Pension Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU) has confirmed that the total number of whiplash claims that were made last year has dropped nearly 11% to the lowest total since 2008/09, which begs the question. Why are some of the insurance companies only forecasting an estimated 3% decrease in […]

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DUI Breathalyzers- Can They Detect Drugs Also?

July 9, 2013

Although most people think about alcohol when they hear the phrase “DUI,” this acronym actually stands for driving under the influence of anything that alters your ability to operate a vehicle properly. In other words, you can be arrested for a DUI if you drive after getting drunk or high. However, the breathalyzer tests that […]

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Are Radar Detectors Legal For Your Vehicle ?

June 24, 2013

Radar detectors provide motorists with an advantage because they make it easy to detect when a police car is using a radar gun nearby. Although a police officer can pull someone over based on a visual estimate of their speed, it is most common for law enforcement officials to rely on radar guns to provide […]

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Common Car Malfunctions that Can Lead to Accidents

June 18, 2013

Vehicle malfunctions can cause some of the worst imaginable accidents. Car malfunctions are sometimes rather innocuous, such as having the “check engine” light come on and stay on; no matter how many times a mechanic checks the engine. There are other malfunctions, however, that can be deadly. Most of them can be eliminated by simple […]

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