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by Andrew Mounier on January 1, 2013

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Motorcycle accidents are a growing concern as the number of people opting for motorcycles as opposed to cars increases. Motorcyclists are at a huge risk while on the road, as their vehicles offer less stability than cars, they have less protection, and they are less visible while on the road. In fact, most motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle that hadn’t seen the motorcyclist. Read on for more motorcycle accident statistics from this year. However, keep in mind that full reports for 2012 statistics have not yet been released.

 Who is Most at Risk?

Motorcyclists are already at risk just by being on the road; motorcyclists have a 23 times higher chance of being involved in a crash than a car driver. However, it was found that those most frequently involved in motorcycle crashes were individuals aged between 20 and 24. The age group after this that is most frequently involved in motorcycle accidents are individuals aged between 25 and 29. The victims are also disproportionately young men. While young females are also victims of motorcycle accidents, more often than not the females are passengers on the motorcycle as opposed to drivers.

Interestingly, motorcycle accidents are a growing concern in Georgia in particular. Motorcycle accidents have increased by 59 percent since 2004, with the most crashes occurring in Fulton County.

Injuries sustained by motorcyclists remain similar to last year, with leg, foot, head and neck injuries accounting for more than 55 percent of all motorcycle injuries. Shockingly, 80 percent of motorcycle crashes resulted in serious injury or death.

What Causes Crashes?

Most motorcycle accidents involve a second vehicle. In 67 percent of cases, the other vehicle didn’t see the motorcyclist or violated the motorcyclist’s right of way. It was found that 8.5 percent of motorcycle accidents were alcohol related.

While more people are turning to motorcycles, injuries from not wearing a helmet are surprisingly low. The number of incidents resulting from the motorcyclist not wearing a helmet has decreased steadily from 2001. Last year, 8 percent of motorcycle fatalities likely could have been prevented if a helmet had been worn. That being said in May 2012, 19 states had implemented a helmet law, 28 states had implemented a partial helmet law, and only 3 states had no helmet law at all.

How Can a Motorcyclist Stay Safe on the Road?

To reduce the risk of a motorcycle crash, always wear an approved helmet, regardless of whether it is the law in your state or not. Don’t drink before driving your motorcycle, and wear protective and reflective clothing. Maintain safe speeds, and of course, don’t tailgate. Motorcyclists must remain vigilant and cautious while on the road to minimize their risk of injury.

With the increasing number of people choosing to commute on a motorcycle, it is important to keep these statistics in mind and stay safe on the road. As a motorcyclist, you are already at a greater risk on the road.

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