Mirena IUD Caused Injury? You May Be Eligible for Compensation

by ValerieC on August 13, 2013



Many women today use some form of contraception as a way to plan the size of their families. While most birth control is safe to use, other forms cause women to suffer serious health problems. Bayer Pharmaceutical’s Mirena IUD in particular has proven to be one of the more detrimental forms of birth control on the market.

Many users of this brand of IUD now suffer from a variety of health problems, prompting them to pursue legal action against Bayer Pharmaceuticals. They contend that this company knowingly marketed a product that is dangerous and misled the public about its potential to harm women’s health.

Misleading Information

Many women who bring lawsuits against Bayer argue that the pharmaceutical giant knowingly put a product on the market that could cause women to suffer devastating conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages and infertility. Plaintiffs in these suits contend that the company failed to provide adequate information about the potential for these conditions and in fact understated the side effects this IUD could have on women’s well-being. 

Faulty Design

Plaintiffs also argue that Bayer purposely marketed a product that had plentiful design flaws that could harm a person’s cervix and uterus. Women who have brought lawsuits against the company report that they now suffer from illnesses including weakened cervix, intrauterine infection and endometriosis because of the IUD’s flawed hormonal release features. Despite many women having these devices removed, a significant number of former users now report that they still suffer from permanent gynecological issues because of this product’s flawed design.

Breach of Contract

Women who are suing Bayer in court report as well that the company failed to back up its own warranty for the Mirena IUD. The company failed to refund consumers’ money or replace the IUD with a suitable substitution. Plaintiffs say that the company’s unwillingness to acknowledge their concerns about Mirena or refund their money violates Bayer’s own warranty and its contract with its customers.

If you are a Mirena user and have suffered harmful effects to your health, you may wonder what recourse you have against Bayer and what steps you should take to file a lawsuit. You may pursue legal action against the company by following these tips:

Retain an Attorney

Before you take any action, you should first hire an attorney who specializes in lawsuits and consumer protection law. Without adequate legal counsel, you may not be aware of what information the court needs to decide your case. Hiring an attorney and allowing this professional to guide you in your lawsuit against Bayer can ensure your case’s success.

Get Medical Proof 

As you pursue action in court, you would also do well to secure medical proof that you have suffered physical problems because of Mirena. You should see your primary care physician or gynecologist as soon as possible so that these records are available to your counsel and the court immediately. If you have suffered a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, you should also provide documentation of your surgery or D&C to your attorney. 

While many forms of commercially available birth control are safe and effective, other forms have proven to be dangerous. Bayer’s Mirena IUD is known to cause significant gynecological issues that have prompted women to pursue legal recourse against the company. If you have suffered poor gynecological health because of Mirena, you too could be eligible to take action against Bayer.

Valerie Stout Cyrus is a freelance writer who frequently researches medical malpractice issues. She discovered Maryland Injury Lawyers Price Benowitz LLP at enable victims of prescription errors and medical device malfunctions to hold medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies accountable.
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