Medical Negligence Scars Hospital Records Leaving Behind Distressing Injuries after Childbirth

by James Vincent on May 23, 2013

Tackling postnatal trauma is itself a challenge for the new mother because of physical and mental complications. According to a birth injury attorney when a stab of pain is added to the already-difficult situation in the form of child birth injury, it takes its toll on the joys of motherhood. Especially, when such injuries have long standing repercussions, it leaves behind a trail of possibilities of medical conditions for both the newborn and the mother. Sadly, the rate of accidents and negligence during delivery is alarmingly high in the UK hospitals, with an estimated count of over 6,204 people getting victimized by such injuries yearly.

Though the count is still a minority, the lasting injuries they are left behind with are nonetheless difficult to deal with. Studies say that some women who have undergone childbirth injuries find it difficult to have intercourse post-delivery because it gets too painful because of internal wounds. Some working mothers have failed to return back to work because such injuries have left them impaired to be functional. Obstetric fistula is one of the major developments following birth injuries in women that cause to develop an aperture between their vagina and rectum. The fissure leads to incontinency thus causing the patient to have no control over excretion of any kind. Colostomy is the only way of dealing with this problem, though success is variable.

Patients undergoing normal delivery also suffer from multiple vaginal injuries due to overstretch of the perineum. However, even when the experience is not close to comfortable and in many cases life-threatening, it is the job of a gynaecologist to ensure that the pressure is kept limited by exercising extreme care. Episiotomy is the often practised to ensure that the infant is not harmed in any way because of the constriction of the vaginal passage. Sometimes, due to negligence or inefficiency of the doctors, patients undergo a tear in their passage that leads not only to bleeding, but serious discomfort in the future.

Though patients are sutured, the impacts tend to take a toll on the sexual health of the patients. Cases of people dying of ruptures in their uterus are not rare. One of the worst and heart-wrenching cases of medical negligence is a stillborn baby. If a lady in labour gets a delayed delivery, they might give birth to a deceased baby which is equally detrimental to the physical, emotional and mental health of the mother.

As for the babies, those born with cerebral palsies bear evidence of the poor health standards of the hospitals and medical inefficiency of the assigned members of the staff. It is jaw-dropping to think that a national hospital like the NHS alone pays a sum of 17.5 billion for medical negligence claims, a fund they reserve only to compensate those they have mistakenly wronged. A childbirth injury can leave your child crippled for a lifetime, physically deformed due to tactless use of forceps and brain injured because of inappropriate use of suction power during the delivery. can help you get compensated deservingly through legal pursuit.

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