Los Angeles, California Accident Claims – How Do You Get Paid For Your Loss?

by My Compensation on September 11, 2012

Always concerned for the health and safety of our citizens traveling abroad to a busy place like the Golden State of California, we wanted to provide some basic info if you got hurt in a vacation related rear end collision, or other harm, such as a cruise ship tour. We asked a Los Angeles, California attorney to discuss getting paid for a tragic loss or fatality, and Michael P. Ehline, Esq., from the Circle of Legal Trust, volunteered. He is located right in the heart of the “City of Angels”, at 633 W. 5th St., #2890 Los Angeles, CA 90071-2005; (213) 291-9080.

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Insurance and Self Insurance Act As a Safeguard Against A Loss

Mike says that insurance is a safeguard against incurring heavy expenditure for medical treatment, repair of damaged vehicles, or homes etc. He also said some businesses, like the big cruise lines, are self insured. As far as personal insurance goes, there are several types of policies to meet different requirements. A good majority of policies cover expenses for medical treatment and the exorbitant bills that go along with it. Self insurance is when the business usually can’t get coverage unless it is from Lloyds of London, so they put up their own collateral to pay for any potential, future tort or negligence claims.

Different Types of Insurance

Los Angeles is the second largest city in America, and extremely dense in population, fast cars, and “freeway traffic.” So you want to make sure you have good insurance if you travel there for sure. There are also policies where personal injuries are caused by either by accidents either at workplace (“workers comp insurance”), or in a car crash (“liability insurance”) for example. Other policies cover the loss of the vehicle . (“Comprehensive and Collision”), and still others, pay for no fault “med pay”, where no matter who is at fault, there is insurance to pay for hospital care up to a certain amount.

Typically, your car rental company will require you to have coverage, or they will sell you an over the counter policy. “So don’t be frightened if you think you don’t have the right coverages, Ehline says.” Claims can be made in such cases with the insurance companies for the policy holder, who is typically also a defendant who is at fault for the tort. The normal method of making the claim is for the person to file the claim with the insurance company immediately after the accident, and without delay. Only after consulting a personal injury attorney for Los Angeles in this case, prior to contacting the other driver’s insurance company.

Reporting the Details to the Adjustor

Insurance claims are made with reports of details of the accident just as who suffered, what happened at site, who or what caused the accident and also the damages that might have occurred. Typically an insurance adjustor is assigned to the matter, and he or she will try and get a recorded statement. Ehline counsels against giving any recorded statement, and says it is better to have a lawyer do your talking for you when making a claim.

Injuries Take Place Anywhere

Mishaps take place not only at workplace, but also at places used by public also. There is a case of pedestrian getting seriously injured by debris falling on him from a crane clearing earth from a work spot. The entire lot fell on him and he was almost covered by the earth. Luckily, he was rescued live.

The injuries sustained by this event, has left him unfit for any job and his medical expenses completely wiped out his savings. The contractor engaged for the work brushed aside his compensation claims. He engaged lawyers and took it up legally.

The lawyer arguing his case had this to say” it was the duty o f the contractor to barricade the work area clearly pointing out the danger involved in the area for pedestrian”. Fighting the matter in the court for some time, the lawyer was able to get adequate compensation for the pedestrian.

He said “it is a second life for me.” “I thought that the contractor would be remorseful for his failure to take adequate precautions and compensate me for his negligence. He failed and had to be forced on him legally. I got the entire medical expenses reimbursed and lump sum compensation that will take care of my needs for a few years. I should thank my lawyer for the effort he put in. He deserved the fee I paid.”

Negligence Attorneys Investigate Mishaps and Help You

Accident insurance claims may involve heavy and onerous payments. Though insurance companies are fully aware that they have full liability to settle the claim, they make every effort to arrive at as low a figure as possible based on their own investigation and calculation. They interview witnesses, doctors, etc; to make sure that the notification sticks to facts and the claim for compensation is realistic and payable. Ehline says that California is like most states. You need a local negligence lawyer who is even more aggressive than the adjustor, who also knows LA court, and streets like Melrose Ave., to the Sunset Strip. You have to hire an advocate who is a velvet hammer if you want to get your client any compensation, regardless of the many types of insurance policies and coverages involved. So if you are on holiday and get hurt, I think you should give him a ring if you want to get paid for your loss. Cheers.


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