Legal Deposition Services For You

May 25, 2021

Deposition summaries can cause stress and frustration to those with a heavy workload. It can be challenging to handle such a heavy workload alone. Many decide to outsource these summaries to a service that can give them the help that they need. By trusting a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, you have a plethora […]

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Easy Steps in Filing for Bankruptcy at Anaheim

September 2, 2019

This post regarding bankruptcy law in CA is a slight departure from our usual personal injury ones, but it’s worth noting that if you have a personal injury claim, it may be protected even when going through bankruptcy proceedings through exemption (for which it’s worth checking out this post here) If you think you know […]

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Proportionality and Recovering Legal Costs – Does Size Matter?

September 8, 2016

Prior to 1st April 2013 it was assumed that any costs which were reasonable in amount and reasonably incurred were recoverable from a successful party’s opponent. Even if the costs were considered to be disproportionate in amount they were still recoverable providing that they were reasonable in amount, reasonably incurred and had been necessarily incurred. […]

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Florida Supreme Court Leaves Questions for Medical Malpractice Law

January 6, 2014

On December 12, 2013, the Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion expressing its disapproval of a 2011 Florida law that placed restrictions on the ability of expert witnesses to testify in medical malpractice cases. The law allows Florida-licensed medical professionals to present expert testimony in medical malpractice cases, but requires out-of-state medical professionals to get […]

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The Number of Claims Companies Reduces

December 5, 2013

As the majority of people operating within personal injury claims are aware, one of the biggest problems facing the industry right now is that of fraudulent claims and the unscrupulous companies who make them on behalf or both suspecting and unsuspecting clients. Of course, for every company and person who makes a fraudulent or enlarged […]

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States with the Best Environmental Track Record

November 12, 2013

While many green efforts are federally mandated, there are several states that go above and beyond federal requirements to support green living. This can mean anything from providing easy access to recycling facilities, reducing statewide emissions, supporting resource preservation, or establishing conservation programs. Below is a list of states whose green efforts go above and […]

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The Oldest Prisons in the U.S.

October 31, 2013

The prison system in the United States dates back more than 230 years and is as old as the country itself. The system was created based on the English penal code and has many characteristics resembling the English system. The number of prisons in the United States grew from a handful of debtor prisons in […]

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An Overview of Bail Skipping

October 31, 2013

Failure to appear (FTA) is a term used for defendants who are released on bail and fail to appear at their scheduled court hearing. Statistics on the frequency of FTA vary, depending on the source, and the accuracy of those statistics is also a source of debate. But FTA is not just a legal issue, […]

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Constructing a compensation claim

October 30, 2013

Guest post regarding how to construct a compensation claim.  Sometimes, planning is of the essence. Putting in the necessary time and effort before a particular event or important occasion more often than not pays off. As your teacher no doubt told you before you ever started an essay or an exam, always make a plan. […]

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Important Rules Regarding Strict Liability and Product Defects

October 29, 2013

(US PI Law) Suing a company over a defective product that causes you to become injured can be a difficult process, but with the help of an attorney and a bit of knowledge about liability, you can have an easier time doing so. We all laugh from time to time at the seemingly absurd warning […]

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