Is It Worth Making A Claim After A Workplace Personal Injury?

by Peter Jenkins on October 3, 2012

For those people who have suffered an injury due to an accident that wasn’t their fault, getting in touch with personal injury solicitors can seem like the obvious next step, but for those unfortunate enough to have an accident at work, making a claim for compensation is often avoided. The truth is, many people assume that by making personal injury claims against their employer will destroy the working relationship they have or lead to losing their job.

It’s worth remembering that whether you are returning to work or not, you will have suffered unnecessarily due to someone else’s negligence. Your injury may have led to missing work for a long period of time while having surgery or undergoing treatment. And don’t forget that it isn’t just the physical pain that affects you, but the emotional pain and distress that is often also experienced by your family.

If you’re the main earner in your household, your injury could mean financial hardship for your family while you are off work, or you may have had to pay out for expensive treatment of specialist equipment to aid your recovery. At the end of the day, why should you be punished for someone else’s mistake?

Your personal injury solicitors can give you great advice and support if you’re thinking of making a claim. Employers have a duty to keep you safe, whether that’s offering the correct training, the right equipment or just keeping the workplace itself safe. A good employer will realise that personal injury claims are not personal attacks and that you have a genuine reason for claiming.

All businesses are required to have insurance to cover them should the unexpected happen and it is this insurance company who will actually handle the claim rather than your employer, which helps to make the situation less personal.

Personal injury solicitors acknowledge that many victims fear being fired from their position or creating such a bad atmosphere at work that they will be forced to resign. But generally, these fears don’t become reality. Legally, your employer can’t fire you for making a claim and if you do feel you have been forced out you could consider a claim for constructive dismissal. What’s more, personal injury claims could bring about positive changes at your workplace, making it a much safer place for you and other employees.

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