Injured Superhero? Find Out How Much You Could Claim

by Ladyblogger on September 17, 2013

It’s hard for the average person to fully understand the processes behind it, but there is something about superheroes that just grabs our attention and holds onto it for dear life. From Spider-Man to Thor and every hero from every galaxy in between, these moralistic super humans (or demigods, in some instances) maintain a firm grip onto the admiration of millions.

It’s important to note, however, that these individuals can feel pain too. In many instances, in fact, our superheroes could be entitled to receive compensation for their injuries.

What Superheroes Could Stand to Recover

While it seems silly that superheroes would ever think to file personal injury claims after their life-changing accidents, it’s important to remember that being a superhero isn’t all fun and games. Just think of the Thing; forced to live out the rest of his life as a rock monster. And who can forget Daredevil’s horrific accident that initially led to his blindness? No; the superhero life isn’t always one of perfection. Luckily, they could recover compensation for the difficulties that they face.

In fact, a list was recently released showing just how much certain superheroes stood to recover for their accidents. When Peter Parker got bit by the radioactive spider, he could’ve easily recovered $126,250. Had Daredevil brought forward a suit, there’s no doubt that he could have pulled in an easy $438,650. Even the Fantastic 4, though it was the Thing who got the worst of it, could’ve gotten over $1.2 million for their outer space based accident.

How Injury Compensation is Calculated

To understand how the aforementioned amounts were reached, it’s important to recognize what the superheroes were being compensated for. After these accidents, the at-fault party would’ve had to reimburse these individuals for medical costs, lost income, loss of property, permanent disfigurements and disabilities and even emotional damages. Luckily, there is an easy calculation that insurers use to come up with their initial settlement offer.

Claims adjusters will first look at all medical expenses related to a person’s injury. Based on the seriousness of the injury, the insurance company will decide upon a “multiplier.” This number, usually ranging from 1.5 to 5, will be multiplied by the person’s medical expenses to come up with a new monetary figure. This figure is then added to the individual’s lost income from the injury to provide a starting figure for the company to work with.

Though the typical multiplier only goes up to 5, more serious injuries can result in multipliers up to 10. This means that, in the case of the Fantastic 4, it’s likely that their combined medical bills cost $102,000. This is because the injuries they suffered were obviously serious, so it’s very likely that a multiplier of 10 was used. Since they were able to continue with their work, however, their income losses were likely minimal.

What about Mere Mortals?

Luckily for those who can’t travel between parallel dimensions or soar over the skyline of New York City via web slinging, compensation laws weren’t created for superheroes. This is actually extremely beneficial considering the fact that regular people don’t end up with awesome abilities after being injured through other people’s negligence.

In reality, injury attorney’s such as those at, will explain that when a person is injured on the job, in the car or anywhere else, they may end up facing excessive medical bills, pain and suffering, lost time at work and various levels of property damage. The calculation described above will create a base amount that an accident victim will likely be offered. Having an attorney on their side is usually beneficial since insurers will probably only offer the bare minimum.

Everyone feels pain, and even our greatest superheroes have shown that they aren’t invulnerable. Just think of when Lex Luther stabbed Superman with kryptonite in “Superman Returns”. Fortunately, these heroes, if they so chose, could likely recover substantial compensation for the accidents that created them. Luckily for mortals, however, there’s no requirement of being a superhero to recover compensation for injuries suffered due to the negligence of others. 

As a former law blog editor, Georgina Clatworthy has written many articles relating to personal injury and accident claims, although mostly for the benefit of mere mortals! Whether you are a mortal or a superhero, the lawyers at can advance your claim, helping you receive the damages you deserve.

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