Injured Passenger Initiates Unsual Car Accident Compensation Claim

by My Compensation on May 29, 2012

An unusual car accident compensation claim has been initiated by a woman who sustained serious personal injuries in a car accident whilst abroad in Poland. The woman is seeking £300,000 in personal injury damages for the incident. The car accident compensation claim writ was recently submitted to the High Court in London and picked up on by a local newspaper named the Huddersfield Daily Journal. It seems that the woman, who is 28 years old is a local to the area, was riding as a passenger in the back seat of the car. A family member was driving the Fiat punto which was insured by a Polish company. Their small vehicle collided with a BMW whilst approaching a cross-junction in the road and the blame for the incident is being put on the Fiat driver.

The woman, who now lives Jagger Lane which is in Honley, is filing the car accident compensation claim against the Polish insurance company of the car in which she was riding as a passenger. The Polish insurance company is based in Poland’s capital, Warsaw and has representatives in the United Kingdom at Inter Europe in Trafford Park in Manchester. The legal team representing the woman state that the personal injury claim must be met as the insurance company is bound by Polish Law to do so. The man driving the Fiat was facing a conviction in June of last year but had his jail sentence suspended by a three year probationary period at the Polish courts. The car accident took place in the south of Poland near a small town called Skoczow which is close to this Silesian foothills.

The list of extensive personal injuries sustained in car accident include fractures to sacral bones and a series of complex fractures sustained to the woman’s right leg. Also reported is a fractured left collarbone, fractures in the neck, a fractured pelvis and also a brain injury. The car accident compensation claim writ states that the woman still suffers to this day due to the personal injuries which happened in the beginning of last year. So far, it’s thought that this car accident happened as the Fiat driver was negligent and failed to pay sufficient attention to the road in order to spot the BMW at the junction. The outcome of this road traffic accident claim remains to be seen.

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