Injured in an Auto Accident? What you Should Know

by Lisa Coleman on April 1, 2013

In most areas of the United States, owning an automobile is an absolute necessity. Even in places with great public transportation systems, a vehicle still comes in handy. Unfortunately, due to the large number of people out on the road, traffic accidents are bound to happen. In fact, an auto insurance industry study showed that the average driver will have to file an accident claim once every 19 years. This makes it absolutely imperative for every driver to know what to do after an accident. Immediately after the Accident

In most areas, it’s not legally mandated that police be called, but it’s often a good idea. Officers will usually complete a report on the incident, and if they’re not going to, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Damages will not always seem sufficient for an officer to file a report, but in places like Florida, crash victims can submit their own crash reports to the department of motor vehicles.

In the event that someone is hurt, it is absolutely essential to stay on scene; this is true even if property damage doesn’t seem that extensive. Leaving the scene of a crime like this, before officers or medical personnel respond, is a quick way to get a hit and run or leaving the scene of an accident charge. Neither of these will look good when trying to recover compensation, regardless of who was at fault.

Do I Really Need an Attorney?There are undoubtedly some cases in which an attorney may not be necessary. If an accident only resulted in damage to a vehicle, for instance, and the insurance company and driver isn’t contesting anything, it’s likely that a driver can get the same amount of money that they would with an attorney. When injuries are sustained, however, it’s usually in a person’s best interest to get an auto accident attorney.

Regardless of whether a person thinks they can secure a fair settlement on their own or not, it’s simply ill-advised to not get an attorney if injuries are sustained. A Florida court, for instance, recently awarded $26 million to a veteran who was injured in a car accident. It’s safe to say that, without representation like a Miami car accident lawyer to fight for your rights, it’s excessively unlikely that an insurance company would offer this type of settlement.

Documents to KeepThere are a few documents that every person should gather or hang onto after an accident. First off, regardless of whether a police report or a crash report was filed, a copy should be made of the document. Additionally, it’s imperative to hold onto all medical bills regardless of whether they were paid yet. Finally, getting hold of previous pay stubs can also come in handy if a person is unable to work after their accident.

Auto accidents can be minor nuisances or lead to detrimental injuries. Regardless, it’s important to know how to handle any accident from when it happens until the point everything is back to normal. If this requires working with an attorney to get a fair settlement after an injury, then that’s likely the best way to go. The best part of an auto accident’s aftermath is when everything reaches relative normalcy, and knowing how to deal with these instances can definitely speed up this process.

Having had a family member who was seriously injured in a car accident and lost out on his rights, Lisa Coleman wishes to express the importance of seeking medical help after an accident and hiring a lawyer to stand up for you. After having consulted with a Miami car accident lawyer, her family member realized too late what hiring them could have done for him. Lisa writes to share this experience and urges anyone who knows someone who has been or currently is in this situation, to find an attorney and schedule a consult to be informed of your rights.


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